Do Not Buy Slendera Garcinia Cambogia Without Reading This Review

There is a lot of buzz around Slendera Garcinia Cambogia these days. Some of our readers asked about it so we are writing this review.

About the Company

There is apparently no details of about the company website of Slendera Garcinia Cambogia. We did find one website with the same name but has zero details about the company and thus we discarded it as official website. This is very strange as there are lots of “SEO” blogs which are talking about it, but no official website. For us this for sure sounds very fishy. Everywhere we see webpages promoting “trials” of Slendera Garcinia Cambogia and no one actually selling it! It is not even available on! where every possible Garcinia Cambogia extract brand is available.

As we have always mentioned, never buy your Garcinia Cambogia extract from a brand which does not even have a website or proper contact address and phone number. In this case, it’s a huge negative point.

Product specification of Slendera Garcinia Cambogia

It may sound very strange but there is no product specifications available for Slendera Garcinia Cambogia yet! Yes! We are surprised too. As we have already mentioned we were unable to find who is selling this product and where. Only free trials seem to be available yet.

We strongly recommend NOT to take such free trials where you do not know the company and what’s in the product. You may be lured to save some money, but in turn you will be providing your contact details (which you should not), even worse your credit card details promising you that it will not be charged and last but not the least you do not know what will be sent to you, what will be its quality. Till now (and we may be proved wrong if the product is actually launched later) it all seems like a big scam to gather names and addresses of people who are interested in getting weight loss products. Trust us, this list is of great value to marketers!

New information added about free trails!

Our doubt regarding Slendera Garcinia Cambogia as a scam have been proved correct. The people who applied for free trials apparently were to submit their credit card details with a promise that they will not be charged for a 14 day trial. But as we scan over internet numerous users have been charged money even when the cancelled within trial period.

Biggest problem is as there is no phone number to contact these guys, one cannot do anything!


STAY AWAY FROM Slendera Garcinia Cambogia at ALL COSTS

  • Tara

    This company scams you by saying that you only have to pay $4.95 for shipping and handling. They charged my daughter $.97, $.99, $4.94 and $4.95 on November 21st. On December 5th they charged her debit card $84.97. Our bank can only prevent future charges. If you call the customer service number, they tell you that they are having computer problems and someone will call you back the next day. No one calls. This is a huge scam and I’m reporting them to every consumer fraud agency I can find!

    • Ashley

      I just got mine in the mail and noticed that. What would you recommend to do?

      • K.


    • Emily Tomkovich

      What phone number did they call from I have been tryin to contact them and the number I have off my bank statement is not goin threw. I was just charged $87. My bank says they can’t do anything til it is posted to my account.

      • Nikkia Crockett-Charles

        cancel your debt card and order another one that how I stopped it

        • Ka’Ron Hicks

          Thank you

        • shannon

          Thats what I did too

        • Eva

          what do you mean you ordered another one, on the old card?

      • Robbin Burmeister

        I got a hold of them @ 1-855-804-7699 with no problem so far, I canceled w no issue and have not been charged anything but s/h $2.97

        • Ka’Ron Hicks

          I was told to send back the unused portion to avoid being charged an additional $87

        • Oceaon Tamlin

          But they gave you your money back? Did you call within supposedly the 14day trial or something?

        • Tracy Viau Tallari

          I also used this number and was successful in cancelling

      • princessnerra .

        I just called them…. 1-855-484-4178

    • rudy47

      they get you to give them your credit card # after you pay you get to see the fine print about you having now become a member,you can,t cancel because they won’t call you back,it’s a racket no 2 ways about it.

    • Beth Irwin

      I am still dealing with them. I am going everywhere I can to to report them too.

      • Ka’Ron Hicks

        I am doing the same

    • bonnie

      it does tell you before, that you do get charged add money before you charge your credit card.. i almost bought and then i saw the additional charges and didn’t go thru with it.. i bought thru amazon instead

      • Susana Rodriguez

        when you bought them on amazon , was it just the one time purchase and then no additional charges, or did you keep getting charged ?

      • Mandy Cent

        Yes it does. I read the “terms and conditions”. That’s why I decided not to buy. And reading these reviews made me satisfied with my decision

    • shannon

      I got scamed into the same, only paid postage and today tried to get that $84.97…had to cancel my debit card and now all my automatic bills will habe to be redone when my new card arrives..ugh…and to top it off the stuff doesn’t evwn work.

    • Stephanie

      This is very true! Do not buy this pills, they changed me $4.95, and today just an hr ago my bank said that last night they took $85 dlls from my account, I came here to see what was going on, and what happens to Tara’s daughter, happened to me, please, do not buy it, unless you want to pay $95 dlls for this pills, that god knows if they work or not, I am not talking the pills, I recommend you to do the same.

    • Mrs P

      Tara, how did you resolve this issue. I got my in June, canceled within ten days but I am charged by six different vendors monthly who all say that my account was canceled and they are not charging my credit card. I have to dispute these charges every month at a tune of $400!!!!

  • Jen Hill

    This happened to me. I called my bank and had the transactions canceled, cancelled my card, and filled a claim. I tried calling them and my bank tried calling them with me. No one ever answers. All you can do is call your bank immediately, let them know the situation and have them intervene before it’s to late and you have to deal with the charges.

  • Trina May Koury

    I’ve had the original $4.95 for shipping charged and now they have been charging .95 randomly also! I had someone call and ask for my card number again so I could get more after my trial and that I could cancel later if I wanted to but when I asked him why I couldn’t just call back if I wanted more later he hung up on me! Luckily I never gave him my card number again!

    • Emily Tomkovich

      What phone number did they call from I have been tryin to contact them and the number I have off my bank statement is not goin threw. I was just charged $87

      • Joann Keane

        I called 1-888-416-2984.I also was scammed.

        • Suzanne

          I have a diff # on my bottles……how were you scammed? I just ordered.& received my bottles through Bio Health this past week. So im trying to find feedback from someone that took it. Thanks!

      • Suzanne

        Hey there. I just received my bottles last Thursday…..little less than 1 week of ordering. I see it has correct ingredients, did you have any results? I take Boot Camp classes & so I was just lookin for something natural to help with mid section for those times when i cant meet withmy trainer . But ive yet to hear comments from anyone thats.taken it. Hope to hear back from you! Thanks!

      • Suzanne

        Also, i know its been a few months, but my bottles have a diff # then the one Joann gave you. Let me know how you were scammed & if youd like this other #

  • Latinos en Accion

    email is valid for: [email protected]; they will reply in 3 days to give a cancellation notice

  • Kerry

    You are all idiots. There’s no scam. Read the fine print. if you would have read all the disclaimers you would have seen all the info about having to cancel and your supply continuing at a much higher price until you do. You all have been “taken” and should feel stupid and you have no claim to file because all information is plain as day on website.

    • Anne

      Before taking the harsh route and calling everybody idiots and saying it isn’t a scam and that people should read…When they give you an email confirmation sent to your email address after subjecting to their free trial and you try to click on any of the links (such as “Privacy Policies”, “Terms and Conditions”, or even the link that is supposed to direct you back to the homepage of their own website) it directs you to a page that says “Sorry…” this page does not exist. If you can still tell me that is legit then if I were you I would triple check all the items you have purchased online because apparently you are not thorough in details before accusing others of being idiots.

      • Kerry

        Its on the page you went on to buy it so probably good enough. I don’t purchase fat pills online, but the orders from kohls and gap have been fine.

    • Mandy Cent

      What the people are saying, is that they CANNOT get in touch with the company to cancel. The fine print says call them to cancel, but you will be charged for the trial bottle no matter what. I think the other reviewers are saying, no one picks up the phone when they called to cancel. I was going to do the trial, but do not want to be stuck with them for life. Glad I read fine print and these reviews.

      • Aaron Hart

        FWIW,, they sent me an order conformation right after I ordered and it had a phone number in it. I’m sure everyone else got it as well…..I cancelled a few days after I got it because I knew what was going on before hand. I could understand some not knowing what they got into though…..They were actually quite pleasant on the phone.

        I actually got 2 different free trial, from 2 different companies, 1 company made me return the bottle while Slendera is letting me keep it. I made sure to ask slendera if I had to send the bottle back and they said no.

    • Suz Swanson

      Wow…call us all idiots…YOU’RE THE IDIOT for assumig shit that you don’t even know! Seriously, it IS a SCAM! I don’t care what you say. I canceled Avesil within the TRIAL period, sent my bottle back and was STILL charged for a month supply. They claim they “never received the bottle back”. FUCKING BULLSHIT. Luckily, I put a tracking number on it and certified mail…never got the electronic signature email sent…so they refused to sign it. But that’s how I received my money back. This place is probably ran by the SAME people who run Avesil, whom were nailed by the Florida Attorney General for FRAUD and SCAMS. So do you REALLY want to keep callling us idiots?

    • mcastle

      You’re a little rude person who should never ever be posting comments. Clean up your act and go back to land lines.

    • Karen

      You’re an ignorant, angry, little troll of a person. Why are you even on here if you don’t order “fat pills” online? You must have some interest since you clicked through and posted. Or are you one of those internet bullies that hides behind their keyboards?

  • Karen Hambly


  • Beth Irwin

    This company will scam you any way they can. They charged me 4.97 at first. Then 2 weeks later charged 2.99 which I was told was shipping interest. then charged 84.97 and the .99. They said they would refund if I returned the bottle. So I did and they charged 13.95 for bottle returned. I am still waiting for a refund. I had to close out my credit card. I have no ides how much they would continue charging me.

  • laurie

    Definetely scammed me to, charged my bank account same as others without my authorization. Callled my bank to cancel my card and they are closed today. Just charged me another 2.99 and 2.97 as of yesterday, 12/31. Like they are starting cycle over again. Already lost $170.00.
    Scamming at its Best, very disappointed, work hard for my money and just threw it out the window, lesson learned the hard way I guess:(

  • XXXX

    Account Cancellations Depatement


    to me

    Dear XXXXX:


    At your request, we have cancelled your account effective December 12, 2013.

    Please note that we are not able to stop product orders that may have shipped or payments processed prior to or on the effective date of your account cancellation. And, because it can take a few days for your credit card company or bank to post payments processed before your account cancellation, your statement may show a payment made after the above effective date.

    If you feel that you need additional account support, please contact our Support Center by telephone at +44 (0) 808 168 3487 (London, UK) or 1-888-869-7442 (New York, USA). For your convenience, our telephone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Thank you for the opportunity to assist you.


    Amy Tate

    Email Support Center

    Customer Care Online Product Offers, LLC

    +44 (0) 808 168 3487


  • Joann Keane

    I have a contact # 1-888-416-2984. Called to ask why money was taken out of my account.Because I didn’t call them with a yes or no answer in whether I wanted the product or not I was told that the moneys is non refundable… Starting fraudulent proceedings with my bank.

  • Diane

    This company is almost impossible to get in touch with. When calling to cancel my future shipments, I was also told they were having computer issues and someone would contact me the next day, but no one ever did. Other times I was disconnected without warning. I finally was able to cancel my shipments after too many calls to count, but noticed weeks later that small amounts were deducted from my account under names such as E Health Belize, and others that had nothing to do with my original order. They also had small transaction fees for “Single-Currency International Service Assessment Fee Assessed” When I asked why their company was withdrawing these small amounts without my permission, the rep only said” don’t worry that the money will be refunded to my account in 3-5 business days”. The best number I have to try to reach anyone is 855-518-9489.

    Good luck and prepare to be on hold for a long time.

    • Krista

      Those people are absolutely absurd . Got the trial, canceled my account and a month later i receive another pack of pills and all these crazy charges! $12.95 $12.95 $84 somethin.. insane!! I freaked out on the indian lady after she said NO refunds and canceled my debit card

  • Brittany

    I ordered the Slendera pills along with the Cleanse pills a few months back. Got all the crazy stupid charges on my CC and then called them to ask why – I called the number I received in the email and got someone immediately. Unfortunately I didn’t read the whole “if you don’t contact us in 2 weeks, you will be billed for the pills” fine print either. Also, I didn’t get my $150 back for both sets of pills. Fine, it is what it is. Since I had paid for these stupid things, I figured I’d try them. Oddly enough I lost 15 pounds on the 30 day supply. I would consider it to be a placebo kind of effect but I didn’t change my diet or excercise routine. I would look for legit GC pills though if I were to continue, and stay FAR away from this company!!

  • Stacey

    I got charged $4.97, $4.95 and #1.05. I received both products and have called to cancel. I got a cancellation confirmation for both Slendera and Natural Cleanse within minutes of cancelling.

    Natural Cleanse: Toll-Free Customer Care:(844) 336-9065Online Support:[email protected] Hours/Day, 7 Days/Week

    Slendera: Toll-Free Customer Care:855-863-2603Online Support:[email protected]

    Thank you for using Natural Cleanse. This email is to inform you that your membership status has been recently updated and any ongoing or all future charges for this product have been cancelled as per your request.

    Guarantee Ship service for this product has been cancelled as per your request. If you have any questions about the cancellation of this membership, or if you would like to re-activate your membership in the future, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team.

  • HEW

    I placed my order for this product on June 19. Today is June 21. After reading the comments on here I decided to check my cc. Sure enough there were two additional charges. One for 1.00 and one for 1.95. I called the 855 number that was on my credit card. 1-855-484-4178. I spoke with an Indian gentleman, who assured me that all future orders were cancelled and that no more charges will appear on my cc. I’m hoping this is the case, since I cancelled it within 3 days of the original order.

  • Heather

    I just got off the phone with “Sam” the Indian representative bc I was also charged $87 after cancelling a week after getting it. After demanding my money back he finally agreed to give back 30%. We will see what happens.I told him I w a s going to write a bad review and he told me he couldn’t give any back if I did that. Has anyone been charged again after the $87? Any advice on what to do now?

  • syreeta

    Well sorry to hear that some of you feel that way…I ordered my product I read everything and all reviews before ordering the product it tells you of the charges and that after your trial period is over you will be charged more money…so what you all talking about I don’t know. Even when I ordered pro active only i paid 10$ for there products and after the 30 trail period I got charged more money and kept on receiving more products from them…but I realized u have to read everything as most products you order online is on going to charge the moment you give up ur cc info be sure to cancel before hand bc for 30 days u only pay the promotional price/shipping charges but what about after your trail is done of course they going to charge you full price again…… any product online and see what ppl say…at least for me I didn’t pay no more that $13 for this product as I did need it expressed to canada and yes I was smart enuff to cancel my cc and get a new one the moment I ordered online…now they can’t charge me again…and I did this after years of experience with online purchases…so now know one can chrg my card…… if anything I’m scaming the company lol….. everytime I order a anything online I cancel my card asap… you should do the same….now I can enjoy 2 more products basically for free.. haha

    • chickiloo

      Has anyone tried using a prepaid credit card? That would be the smart way to go as far as not losing money or having to go thru the inconvenience of canceling your bank card.

  • Jezarelle

    I just called their number and they said that you must cancel once you get the product and within 14 days of the trial so they wont charge you again.

  • Sarah

    I just ordered mine for only 2.95 shipping charges. After reading all of your comments I found a working number and cancelled right away. He tried to tell me to wait and see if I like the product (because I literally just ordered 15 minutes before) but I insisted that he cancel my membership. I was still charged the $2.95 but I think it’s worth it if I don’t get charged anymore. Here is the number I called in case anyone needs it: 855-518-9489.

    • Tara

      THANK YOU SO MUCH! I just called that number an i told them i wanted to cancel my free trial with them, since i never opened the two bottles i received from them, he told me to send them back within 30 days an i wouldn’t be charged the 84 for the first month. Even though i have to pay 12.95 to ship each bottle back. Hopefully everything has been cancelled, ill be checking my statements to make sure!

  • chev

    ***RIP OFF!!****
    This company does not provide contact information that is valid prior to receiving the telephone number in the packaging with the product. I did not receive the product until 16 days after ordering it as a free trial with paid shipping. When I called to cancel future shipments, I was informed that I would incur another charge of $84.97 for not canceling before the 14 day trial…even after explaining that the site from which I ordered did not provide any contact information. They offered me an apology & stated that I would have no further charges. What a ripoff!! Total charges of nearly $95.00 for a product that has no clinical backing or documented findings for proven weight loss.

  • chev

    ***RIP OFF!!****
    This company does not provide contact information that is valid prior to receiving the telephone number in the packaging with the product. I did not receive the product until 16 days after ordering it as a free trial with paid shipping. When I called to cancel future shipments, I was informed that I would incur another charge of $84.97 for not canceling before the 14 day trial…even after explaining that the site from which I ordered did not provide any contact information. They offered me an apology & stated that I would have no further charges. What a ripoff!! Total charges of nearly $95.00 for a product that has no clinical backing or documented findings for proven weight loss.

  • Name

    I find it odd that you all have so many issues with the
    company. I ordered the product and had to stop it a few days after trying it because
    it agitated my issue with headaches.

    I called twice got someone on the second try and got the subscription
    canceled. Also because I saw this I had tried to email them before I called
    them and my emails were responded to with a working phone number the same one
    you get when you get your confirmation email.

    I may just have been lucky and got ahold of someone but I
    feel like it was not as big a deal as it seems to be on here.

    Also if you often get headaches and the such do not take
    this product it seems to make them more frequent and slightly worse.

  • Kelly Toussaint

    Here is their number: (844) 432-8671. They scammed me out of $85, I was on the phone for an hour after finally talking to their “manager” only to be hung up on! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! I haven’t lost any weight since taking them 3 weeks ago, not worth the time or effort trying to get your money back.

  • princessnerra .

    I just got off the phone with these people. They are a scam! My bank notified me that there was a charge on my account for $84.97. They blocked it and told me to call Lilly Prod to take me off their list. I was told that there was only a 14 day trial period and the $2.97 was only for the shipping. After that they charge your card $84.97. I was also told that it was in the terms and conditions, Which I don’t remember seeing…. Now, I have to send everything back for them to completly cancel and remove me from their list. I don’t have time for scams like this! I’m a single mom of 4 kids and I don’t have this type of money to be spending on scams like this and to be taken advantage of!

  • Frances

    Just saw that my daughter’s account was charged $84.97 from this Slendera Company. Called and got the “computer is down” scenario. Called my bank to ask what to do. They said once the charge was posted they could file a claim. Tried to call Slendera again, threatened that my bank would file a claim and also that my daughter was a minor when she ordered. Long story short, after much back and forth argument and “let me talk to my manager” BS, I had to settled for $59 back into her account and told my daughter, “lesson learned”. Cost her $26 to learn the hard way. Could have been worse. As soon as the refund shows up, we are going to the bank to cancel her account and start a new one.

  • Carol

    Made an order about half an hour ago then found this page…. immediately cancelled my ordered but still was charged $4.95 and $4.97…. The number (855) 804-7699 does actually works and the person canceled my orders right away with confirmation emails. I just hope the charges have all been cancelled fully.

    I really don’t want to receive the “cancelled” packets later then get charged crazy amount without a noticed in future. I just wonder, after I’ve received the confirmation emails does it really mean they will stop charging me and not sending me the products???

    • Cathy Sambrone

      I would still cancel your credit card. I was SHOCKED when I saw all this. Thank goodness I found this page! I just got mine about 2 days ago. and already canceled my credit card and am getting a new one. I would not trust them and cancel your card

  • Pam

    They have updated their system then because I had ordered this product and the day I received it I called the toll free number that was attached to my confirmation email and canceled hassle free.

  • Michelle Dionne Colbert

    RIF – reading is fundamental!!! It does clearly state all this info in the fine print! I’m not sure if it works or not because I just received the products but I am sending them right back. I should have read all the fine print. Nothing beats the good ol fashion way of getting healthy, GOOD FOOD & EXERCISE!

  • rosa

    I placed my order, then (stupidly) read reviews after and canceled withing 5 minuts and they still charged me 10 dollars for shipping and handling even though it was 5 minutes after I placed it. And the “free” trial is not free. You have to pay for the product full price after the trial whether you like it or not.

  • Cheeks

    Cancel the Credit Card if you have ordered with it immediately. Report your Credit Card lost.

  • Karon Hicks

    This is a rip off. I wouldn’t recommend these thieves to anyone

  • Ka’Ron Hicks

    They informed me that I need to send them there product back or be charged $87 for the trial bottle

  • Joni

    So I called to tell them I wanted to cancel any further orders and to not charge my account any further….”Sorry ma’am we can not do that without the return of the bottle.” Now why would I pay to return an empty bottle?? I told Raj to go “F” himself and that I would just cancel my card. It is a scam, I feel so very stupid..

  • Pam

    Unfortunately I fell prey to the same scam the rest of you did. I am usually very cautious about ordering products online. This company leads you to believe that all you have to pay is the $2.97 shipping cost. Nothing is said about it being a 14 day free trial offer or sending the product back if it doesn’t work. Nothing is said about charging your credit card $84.97 or joining membership. I placed my order from the Dr. Oz website, it stated that it was a FREE TRIAL OFFER and all I was required to pay was the shipping charge. NO ONE is immune from being scammed. So to call someone idiots because they trusted a company to do what they advertised doesn’t make them an idiot.
    It makes the company look like Con-artist taking advantage of peoples trusting nature.
    This company purposefully makes it difficult to speak with someone to address the fraudulence of their advertisement and product. I have called twice and both times have gotten a call center in India. Both customer service reps I spoke with were very rude and try to over talk you. I have spoken with my bank to dispute the charge of $84.97 and I plan on contacting the Attorney General and BBB of my state. Companies like this should not be allowed to scam people like this.

  • Den

    Cancelle Your Bank Cards/Credit Cards ASAP!!!
    After receiving my first free/paid for shipping only order, a few days later they charged my credit card the full amount of $84.97. Called my bank and told them that this was an unauthorized transaction, they took care of it and returned my money. I also cancelled my credit card with the bank, bank told me they tried charging on my card after I cancelled it. This is the only number I have for them (844) 336-9062 located in Scottsdale, AZ. with a P.O.Box 85267
    I plan to take further action!

  • shannon

    I fell into the same trap..only pay postage and handling my they tried to charge the extra $84.97….I had to cancel my debit card and now have to redo all my automatic bills when the new one comes…and this stuff doesn’t even work…good job scam artist, GET A REAL JOB.

  • Jenny

    huge, huge scam. When I ordered my free trial, I really read the fine print because I didn’t want to get burnt by the company. The first time I called to cancel as directed, I was told I couldn’t cancel yet, to call back towards the end of my trial period. When I finally was able to reach someone when this time came, I was told, I have to return the unused portion before I can be cancelled. They said they have given me thirty extra days to return them. Today I received an email saying I will be charged 12.95 a piece for processing if they are not returned during the original trial period. There doesn’t seem to be any website for the company. I am so disgusted. I am thinking of canceling the card I used to obtain these so I can’t be charged. From everything I have read (late of course) people’s cards are being charged even if they cancelled in time.

  • Melanie

    Just like all of you I ordered from Slendera in hopes of a good quality product but only to find people getting scammed. It absolutely outrages me that people are so desperate for money and cheating others out. It really upsets me and I’m sure you all as well. I decided just hours after ordering and a little more research that it was a costly mistake. I’m a college student with little money and income, I couldn’t afford to lose money that I don’t have for a scam and a product that probably won’t work! So what I did was contact the number provided and spoke to a rep who kept pushing me to wait for the product to arrive then return it. But I really didn’t want to send it back. I didn’t even want my $4 of S/H back! I just wanted out! But then apparently he “couldn’t hear me” and that I was “breaking up.” My phone service is perfectly fine! So I hung up and spoke to luckily a more helpful rep who too urged for me to try the product first then cancel my account. But I told him I didn’t want to, I just wanted to cancel so he canceled my account as well as the order, I didn’t get my $4 or so back but better than losing $80+. Also as a precaution I called my bank and cancelled my card. I hope you all can figure this out as well! I’m never doing this again. For a smart girl, I made a dumb move.

  • Kristina

    If anyone is trying to cancel…

  • Liz

    I also got scammed by this company. I paid $4.95 for shipping and handling and got charged $84.97 a couple weeks later for a supposedly magazine subscription I did not authorize. I used a debit card and the only way to prevent them for charging anything else was to cancel my debit card through the bank and have another one reissued. Pain in the neck but I’ve learned my lesson never to buy anything on line like this again. The company on my bank statement shows up as Pure Healthy Condition Scottsdale AZ. The bank was able to give me their phone number 1-844-336-9058 but you can’t get through, you only get a very fast busy signal. Now I’m waiting to see if I get any magazines

  • Pam

    This company is running a scam. They lead you to believe that you are getting a free trial offer for the cost of the shipping and handling charge only. No mention that you will be charged $84.97 if you don’t cancel within 14 days after receiving the product. Then should you decide you don’t want to keep their product they charge you $12.95 per bottle to ship it back to them. What a SCAM they are running. I don’t know how they are getting away with this. I plan on notifying the Attorney General of my state.

  • Janelle Isla

    wow I cannot believe that I fell for this horse sh*t! Just like Tara said before, They charge you for shipping but a week to two weeks later they charge $84.97. i called 844-244-9657 and all he said that was I didn’t call to cancel. There was no phone number to call and cancel. Sad how the scams are around taking honest people money that believe they are just going to try a new product that will help them with a healthier lifestyle.

  • Donna

    Well I just got charged that $84.97 also. Both numbers that I have for them I get a recording that loops over and over and you never get to talk to anyone or leave a message so you can’t cancel it. I am going to have to go into my bank Monday and get a new debit card so they can’t continue this. It is a huge scam and I am reporting them also!

  • disqus_M7NWfmz0Zo

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  • Cathy Sambrone

    So reading all of this I already canceled my credit card but am curious if anyone has actually tried the product? I mean I have the samples bottles here and I hear you can get something similar from amazon but does it work? any comments? Thanks for your help and Thank you for having this thread so I knew to cancel my card 🙂 before it was to late

  • Joan

    Yes, I was scammed and my credit card company knows and is trying to help. It appears to me that They possibly are committing mail fraud and internet fraud. I told “Eddie” (Pakistani accent) after only recieving the “free”( just shipping and handling)to cancel me and credit my credit card the 74.95 I was billed 14 days after receiving the “free” products , and two days later I was billed 84.97 AND BEFORE they were sent to me! Not to send me anything AND to credit my card. He said they would. I sent the free products back unopened/registered insured mail. They received them. They then sent me another pkg with what felt like another bottle pills inside which I left unopened and sent back refused. Upon calling my credit card company AGAIN I find out they charged my card another 89.00 ??? Three different companies submitted the charges!!!! They insist they have to charge me a “restocking fee”!!! I told them do NOT send me anything!!! How can they charge me a restocking fee if I told them BEFORE they sent it. I am NOT giving up on this battle! I am reporting them for mail fraud, internet fraud, and credit card fraud.

  • angry as heck

    I wish I would have read all these reviews before ever going thru this awful nightmare. I can celled before the trial period. Or so I was told I did. They were awful to get a hold of. Nor did I understand anything that came out of the women’s mouth and she was very unpleasant. 2 weeks later I was charged 84.97 and when I called to beotch. The women said oh so u want to Cancel then? Are u freaking kidding me. I was supposed to get a refund and never did then 3 weeks later again another 75$ taken out. I have canceled my card. And now I’m in the process of putting in a claim it’s awful!!

  • One of You

    These are the steps to take… Call the company call center at 1-844-635-9307 and a customer service rep will request your order number (on label received with package), your name, mailing address, email and phone number. Tell the company that you do not like the product and wish to cancel membership for future shipments. This must be done within the 30 day free trial. The company will give you a REM number. Mail the empty bottle to : Online Product Offers, LLC – PO box 12803 -Scottsdale, AZ 85267 You need to write the REM number on the front of the returning package. The company will not cancel further charges until they receive their product back within the 30 day trial. Don’t forget to get a Tracking Number from your post office in case of further disputes. Hope this information helps.

  • Lindsay Davis

    Their phone number is 844-244-9657… I just spoke go someone and they agreed to refund my 84.97 but not the initial 4.97, bc supposedly it says its non refundable. I said I NEVER RECEIVED ANYTHING TO BE CHARGED ANYTHING FOR IT…he said he will refund the 84.97, but my bank is disputing the WHOLE CHARGE SO I TOLD HIM I WILL LET MY BANK DISPUTE THE CHARGE!!

  • jen

    scam or not, it does not work. or at least it didn’t work for me. I haven’t lost a single pound. I just called and cancelled. They said I can cancel future shipments but I can’t cancel the one that is in route to me. I’m stuck with it and have to pay for it. Called 1-855-804-7699 and got right through.

  • Jenn Davis

    Even with me canceling they still charged me several charges almost $200. So people still watch out because you can cancel and then they will charge you several weeks later hoping that you would not notice

  • cari

    I got the product, paid only 12. Something for both bottles, i was amazing with the results, lost 10 pounds in the very first week, …but!. I’m afraid to re- order ’cause i found two different bussiness names from Arizona taking money from my acct. It was a fraud, i ended reporting the case and change a new credit card…

  • Anastasiya K.

    I believe this is the same scam that I have delt with because my mother thinks that everything is free online. I keep telling her that nothing in this world is free.. charge her card twice $4.97 and $1.97 on August 31, 2015. And then also was charged $84.97 and then customer service says she signed up for this program and we will that is why we charged her. Which the guy had stated that if no phone call within the 14 days then you can keep the product.. and blah blah blah.. This stuff is a scam and if you try to return it to get the full amount. They charge you an additional $12.00 for restocking fee. So you wont be getting back your full amount. PLEASE LOOK OUT FOR THESE WEBSITES AND DO NOT…. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE ANYONE OR ANY WEBSITE YOUR BANK CARD NUMBER!