Simply Garcinia Cambogia Review

Okay, so we have been busy doing other things for last few weeks and it looks like there are some more interesting products to review now. We have been asked to review “Simply Garcinia Cambogia”. Well, by the name of it only, we feel it would be a fake, but let’s see.

About the Company

There is no website for the company which is selling Simply Garcinia Cambogia. This is in line with all other scam garcinia supplements we reviewed recently. When we searched for Simply Garcinia Cambogia, we just came across dozens of SEO websites with the keyword “Simply Garcinia Cambogia” in their domain name – another big hint about what’s going to be the outcome of this review.

Product specification

Well, we can only mention product specification when we get it! All the website mention different things and many do not mention anything at all! The only thing which everyone mentions is “Claim your Free Bottle today” – another hallmark of a scam in building.

As always, we clicked on several such “free bottle links” and were not surprised at all that they lead us to different web links which were selling a “different” named garcinia cambogia. They were same as what we encountered in our past scam supplements review. All of them have a very flashy home page with a box asking for your address etc.

The moment you fill these details it takes you to another page where you are asked to pay close to $5 for shipping. You will of course have to use your credit card for this and that’s a trap. As somewhere at the bottom in very fine print is written – “we will keep sending you monthly bottles till you cancel” These bottles are overpriced heavily and pathetic in quality. The only way to stop these bottles from coming is by cancelling your card.

Other traits of scam supplement include – they do not sell on Amazon! Only a fool will not sell there.

So in a nutshell – this is a scam too. We are sick and tired of reviewing scam products and there are so many of them. Guys, please be very careful with these. The free bottle of low quality can actually harm your health leave aside the fact that it will rob your credit card too.


Do not even think of buying Simply Garcinia Cambogia. If you are looking for good garcinia cambogia brands here is our list of recommended brands after lots of research. Take good quality stuff and lose weight!