Should You Buy Whole Body Research Garcinia Cambogia – Review

Some of our users asked us to review Whole Body Research Garcinia cambogia for them. It was launched a few months ago. Here is our review.

About the company

Whole Body Research Garcinia cambogia is produced by Whole Body Research LLC which is based in Los Angeles, California. The company has as of now 8 products in offering which include garcinia, raspberry ketones, green coffee, hair treatment supplements and krill supplement.

There is little information available about the company on their website. But good thing is they have put both address and phone number for customers to contact them.

We were not able to find Whole Body Research Garcinia cambogia on which is very strange. Infact it was not available with any major online store. It is sold exclusively on their own website.

Key specifications of the product

Key specs of Whole Body Research Garcinia cambogia are:

  • It has 60% HCA content in it which is more than specified by Dr. Oz.
  • Each capsule seems to be of 500 mg.Each 30 day supply has 90 capsules.
  • It has potassium in it but no calcium. Potassium and calcium were recommended minerals by Dr. Oz in a good GCE brand
  • Recommended dosage is 1,500 mg which is 3 capsules per day one at a time before meals
  • Company claims that its extract does not have any artificial ingredients, fillers etc. in it.
  • 100% veg herbal supplement

Customer reviews

As they are not selling on any major portals we were not able to collect any credible comments about the product online.

Our recommendation

The product specification of the extract is okay but we would not recommend it to you for the following reasons:

  • There are no credible customer reviews available of the product primarily because they do not sell anywhere else. All we found were SEO websites praising the extract left right and center and then linking to the official website as an affiliate. It all looks like made up thing.
  • The product sells at $44 per 30 day supply. Way higher than even most popular and critically acclaimed extracts. Most extracts sell in the range of $24-$30, however highly rated they are. We did not find anything unusually great about Whole Body Research Garcinia cambogia for you to pay such premium for it.
  • We never recommend readers to buy from online portals unless they are very credible. This is the same situation.

Hope this will help you in taking decision about the extract. In case you are looking for most popular / highly rated garcinia cambogia brands please read our monthly updates on these topics. Here is a link for the October update.

Happy garcinia cambogia shopping!

  • RandomUser

    Their Krill Oil supplement might not be a good investment after all.

  • Linda

    My partner and I bought a lot of Garcinia Cambogia Extract. I tried it for a few days and then was told by my doctor to stop taking it. Apparently if you are on Statings you shouldn’t take it. Why didn’t whole body research state that their were precautions. I’ve tried calling them 5 times to discuss returning the item as they say they have a 90 day return policy. They have never called me back. My partner lost no weight.
    I intend to contact the BBB to see if they have complaints also. I think it’s a scam!

  • yeababy

    I checked it out as seeing that i bought a bottle at the ending of december and received it maybe a week later…i felt like i researched it well but then i did more research and came to the conclusion that the websites that say they review for consumers like: consumer review just might be getting paid for promoting them. I reviewed and reviewed probably 15 search pages on it and came to the conclusion that there isnt enough data on them or proof of what they as far as no fillers or synthetic or binder blah blah blah…they do third party research but again all that can be copy pasted. Interestingly enough i took it the first day and felt a suppressed appetite like significant enough for me to realize, i experienced watery stool and i became regular as they say but nothing bad, lastly i felt some what of a tingle on the mid to back of my head so then i was like hmmm thats odd. But of course i continued for the rest of the day and everything was the same as far as symptons are concerned i was also very thirsty. I have hit a plateau in my weight loss and thought something natural would maybe work better than the stimulants on the market but i bought this brand without thinking and now im like nervous to touch it lol. I read on the bbb that a guy was spam mailed from his friend who’d bought it and then he bought it and now he found out she didnt send the email…long story short called this place and couldnt get anything a response or a refund. So now im going to my bank and getting a new bank card just in case they try something funny…im not saying it doesnt work but at this point i dont even know if i can trust whats in the pill im just gonna go to vitaminshoppe and call it a day….i hope someone reads this because theyre arent any real reviews on this company trust me i searched high and low…at this point ima take it as a loss and not take the pill.