Should You Buy Garcinia Cambogia by SuppleSense?

In our October 2013 update on popular and good garcinia brands we mentioned about garcinia cambogia extract by SuppleSense LLC. Garcinia Cambogia by SuppleSense was one of the top selling GCE extract on Amazon when we launched that update. So we thought to review it. Here is the same.

About the company

Well as with many other garcinia cambogia extract brands there is no information available about the company online. Based on their website we were able to figure out that the company is based in Florida. Based on data by Amazon and company their products include garcinia cambogia, raspberry ketone and green coffee extract.

Key product specifications

Key specifications of garcinia cambogia by SuppleSense:

  • With 75% HCA it has one of the highest HCA content among GCE. Just to let you know, the minimum recommended percentage is 50% by Dr. Oz.
  • Each bottle contains 120 capsules of 750 mg each. Considering 3,000 mg per day this is full month of garcinia cambogia by SuppleSense
  • Company claims that its product is produced in the USA in a cGMP certified laboratory.
  • No artificial ingredients are added. The extract does not contain any fillers,binders and additives.
  • As recommended by Dr. Oz, the extract also has calcium and potassium minerals in it
  • The extract is claimed to be 100% natural.
  • According to SuppleSense, it is free from lactose, gluten, dairy, soy and Gelatin.

The company provides 1 month money back guarantee if a customer loses less than 4 pounds in a month using the extract.

What customers say about the extract?

Based on the reviews by the customers, the quality of the extract seems to be good. Most reviews are positive. Here is what customers have to say:

The biggest positive comment about any weight loss supplement is that it actually helps in losing weight. This is exactly what most users have to say. Many are impressed by 75% HCA in the extract. It somehow balances the otherwise slightly higher price of the extract ($35 when we wrote this review).

A few customers did not benefit from the extract. This is possible as not all herbal extracts work well on all bodies. Further, there are so many other factors responsible for weight gain apart from just diet.

Our recommendation

While we were disappointed by the fact that the company does not provide much information about itself on its website but were relieved to see large number of positive reviews. We also found that the specifications of the extract are good too. Final verdict – you may give this one a try. But if you want to be further sure about your extract better try our recommended brands. You can get details of the same through our monthly updates.

Happy garcinia cambogia shopping!