Reviews of Garcinia Cambogia Extract by Genesis

We are here yet again to review another popular Garcinia Cambogia Extract brand. The weight loss herbal supplement space is getting crowded every day and it is getting difficult to identify right supplements. Here is our review of Garcinia Cambogia Extract by Genesis.

About the company

There is lot of confusion about the company. Firstly with such a generic name “Genesis” we were not able to find any company website. We feel it does not exist. Secondly over Amazon the products are fulfilled by Health & Beauty Pros which also supplies completely unrelated items such as ice cube trays, grips, etc. to Amazon store. This is really confusing.

We consider it as a huge negative. Why buy a product from a firm you do not know and cannot reach in case of any issues?

Product specs

Key specs of the product are:

  • Contains 60% HCA
  • Capsules are vegetarian
  • Every bottle has 60 capsules, 2 for each day

Another issue we find is that the information about the product is very scarce. There is no mention of warning sings, precautions, etc. on Amazon page. Which we feel is very important if
the supplier is a professional herbal supplement firm.

Most important, there is even no mention of what is the quantity available in each capsule! This is one the most basic information a buyer can expect. We were only able to find this spec (400 mg per capsule) in product title when we were analyzing customer reviews. There is only marketing jargon regarding how good Garcinia Cambogia extract is.

Customer reviews

The customer reviews of Garcinia Cambogia Extract by Genesis are just average. We are not amazed by it. With such poorly presented product with no specs. Good performance is not expected. The product is also not very popular.

Some users did benefit from the supplement while equal number actually felt no change or even weight gain! Users have complained that vague dosage instructions are given on the bottle (take 2-6 pills daily before meals). With 6 pills per day, a bottle will last just 10 days!

Our recommendation

There are some brands which look professional but have not so good customer reviews. But in this case, we were not able to find any info on the brand. Critical product info was missing when we reviewed the product. Further and most important, customer reviews are just average. We recommend that you go for other better brands and skip this one for sure.