Review of Nutrastar Garcinia Cambogia Extract

We are back with yet another review of a Garcinia Cambogia brand. Every time we think we have covered enough, there are new ones which get launched! We will be reviewing Nutrastar Garcinia Cambogia in this article.

About the company

Well as with many other Garcinia Cambogia brands we reviewed in past. Nutrastar also seems to exist on only. Our attempts to find its website to get more information were futile. Based on what we were able to collect from online buying portals is that Nutrastar is mainly into weight loss supplements. No points for guessing that its only three products in the market are – Garcinia Cambogia extract, green coffee bean extract and Raspberry ketones. All there are popular herbal weight loss supplements. Before Garcinia Cambogia came into limelight the other two were bestsellers.

Based on this we can very well guess that Nutrastar is a marketing firm which gets its supplement from a white label producer and sells under its brand name. No surprises here as this is the case with most Garcinia Cambogia brands today but what we atleast expected was a website with products, features and contact details.

Overall, not a very good one.

Product specification of Nutrastar Garcinia Cambogia extract

Key specification of Garcinia Cambogia extract by Nutrastar are:

  • Extract has 60% HCA. Minimum recommended is 50%.
  • Every bottle has 60 capsules of 500 mg. Recommended dosage is 2 per serving.
  • Extract has potassium and calcium (each 50 mg) to assist with absorption of HCA in body. It also has 200 mcg chromium.
  • Company claims that its extract has no fillers, binders and artificial ingredients.

We found the dosage of Nutrastar GCE very low as compared to other brands. The company has recommended 1,000 mg per day of GCE while other brands generally recommend 1,500 to 2,000 gms. Further, there is no mention if the extract is safe for lactose, gluten and nut intolerant people. No precautions and warnings are included on the sales page of the product which should not be the case.

What customers are saying about Nutrastar GCE

There are very few customer reviews available for Nutrastar GCE thus nothing much can be concluded based on them. But based on the available numbers it seems like the products is not working very well for customers as at most places we found its rating to be average or just above average.

Overall not very positive reviews.

Our recommendation

We never recommend product from companies which we do not know (no website, no contact details, etc.). Further this product is not well received by people who have used it. There are much better Garcinia Cambogia extract brands available in the market. In a nutshell, not recommended by us.