Review of LiveWell Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Several of our readers have asked us to review LiveWell garcinia cambogia extract. So here is our review for the same.

About the Company

LiveWell garcinia cambogia comes from LiveWell Labs. The company is in the business of producing and marketing weight loss supplements. Their products include – garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketones.

The company has listed two different addresses on their website – one in Utah for returns and second in Burbank, CA as mailing address. One good thing is they do have a phone number and email to contact customer care and a decent FAQ section.

Key specification of LiveWell garcinia cambogia extract

Here are some of the key specs of the product:

  • It has 60% HCA, the key ingredient in garcinia cambogia which helps in weight loss. This figure is more than the minimum 50% recommended by Dr. Oz.
  • Each capsule of 800 mg and the company recommends 2 capsules per day.
  • The supplement has potassium in it which helps in proper absorption of the extract.
  • According to the company it does not have any artificial ingredients and fillers in it.
  • The product is made in USA and in a GMP facility.

Overall, the specs. of the product are okay. There is one unique thing about this product – its 1 year warranty! We have never heard of 1 year warranty by any garcinia cambogia brand before.

One limitation we found was the fact that they only seem to sell from their own portal and not on portals such as Amazon.

Lastly, the price of a 30 servings with 1600 mg per serving is close to $45! This seems to be on a bit higher side.

What customers are talking about LiveWell garcinia cambogia extract

Well, as they do not sell on Amazon and other portals there are no reviews available. There are customer testimonials available on their own website but we have not considered them for the review as we only consider third party website reviews.


While the specs. of LiveWell garcinia cambogia extract are okay but as we do not have access to any third party selling website reviews for the product we cannot provide any concrete (positive or negative) recommendation for the product.