Review of Live Garcinia Cambogia – Should You Buy it?

There is little information available about the company as there is no website we could find.

There is no mention of contact number and website on the product too. Absence of phone number and a website address is a big negative according to us as the buyers cannot approach the company. However, many customers who have used this product say that their customer support is really good. We are still not convinced why the company does not have a website address or phone number.

The only thing we could gather using its Amazon profile is that the product is manufactured in USA.

  • There is no mention of any other products manufactured by Live Garcinia.
  • The product is sold on Amazon through VitaPRO Nutrition.

Key Product Specifications of Live Garcinia Cambogia 60% HCA

Here are some key specifications of the product.Each serving of Live Garcinia Cambogia 60% HCA contains-

  • 60% HCA– this product has the good %  of HCA like Dr. OZ recommends that HCA of 50% is good. Most garcinia supplements have today have 60%HCA. HCA is the key active ingredient of garcinia cambogia which supports weight loss.
  • 1000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia extract (1000 mg per serving – 2 Capsules before each meal)
  • 50 mg Potassium, this helps in easy absorption of the extract
  • 50 mg of Calcium, there are different opinions of Dr. Oz recommendation on Calcium and many companies are avoiding use of calcium
  • 200 mg of Chromium

There are no details of whether the product has additional binders, filler, soy or gluten ingredients.
Every bottle contains 60 capsules. So there are 30 servings per bottle. The product comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Instructions on the bottle say that the user has to take a serving (two capsules) with 80 oz of water.

Customer Reviews of Live Garcinia Cambogia

Live Garcinia Cambogia 60% HCA has good reviews from customers. At the time we analyzed the product, the customers were really satisfied with the product.

Positive Aspects:

Most of the buyer reviews we analysed provided overall positive feedback on the product. Their experiences have are detailed below:

  • Most of the reviewers mention that they were able to achieve their aim – weight loss by this supplement. While the actual weight lost varied from person to person but most lost atleast a few pounds.
  • The buyers witnessed an increase in energy levels
  • Able to lose weight without exercising and dieting as it maintains metabolism without exercise and diet
  • Those with a sensitive stomach did not face any bowel issues. This is an important factor as many products available in the market cause stomach upset and do not suit people with a sensitive stomach.
  • Pregnancy weight is a major point of concern for women. Relevant buyers mentioned that they were able to easily lose pregnancy weight using the product.
  • The cost of the product was less when compared to other products. Our opinion is this may or may not be true as there are brands which sell at lesser price than this one. It is difficult to make such a comparison.
  • Based on the claims made by certain buyers it seems people with diabetes and hypertension can use this product and safely lose weight. But we will recommend to exercise caution here.

Limitations / Issues with the product :

Overall, negative reviews were very small in number indicating that the product is useful.

  • One of the main complaint by a few customers is that the reviews for the product looks like advertisements and not written by real people. Well, that maybe true but we found it difficult to analyse it like that.
  • Nausea, headache etc. are most common side effects of garcinia cambogia. Some customers complained about getting headache here too. But the number was small.
  • Few of the customers also complained of stomach upset .
  • Few customers complained that they gained weight instead of losing weight after taking this product and were disappointed with the results.

Here it is important to note that weight loss supplements do not work well for all people. Many people experience a lot of side effects when they take these products.

Our Recommendation

Based on the customer reviews we can say that Live Garcinia Cambogia 60% HCA is a good weight loss supplement. Only a few users witnessed side effects. However, our primary concern with the supplement is lack of info about the company, which is an important point while we evaluate a product.

Overall, you can go ahead with the brand if you are looking for a new one. Else, please check out our top recommended brands which are on top on almost all aspects.