Review of Garcinia Pro from Nutritional Sciences

Garcinia Pro comes from Nutritional Sciences, the makers of Garcinia Cambogia Lean. Which was a hugely popular product on Amazon. The company has stopped producing Garcinia Lean and it has been replaced by Garcinia Pro. Let’s see how is this new offering?

About the Company

There is no mention of where the company is located but from its website we come to know that it has been in business for last 14 years. We could not verify this independently though. The company clearly states that it only sells through Amazon, which obviously is a benefit for customers as they can get the good customer care, price and delivery.

Some of the other products by Nutritional Sciences include, HungerSTOP Appetite Suppressant, G55 Green Coffee Bean Extract, Raspberry Ketones, White Kidney Bean Extract, Collagen, Colon cleanse, etc. The company claims that their return rate is less than 1% which is great!

Key product specifications of Garcinia Pro by Nutritional Sciences

Here are some main specs:

  • Garcinia Pro by Nutritional Sciences has 60% HCA. This is more than what was minimum recommended by Dr. Oz.
  • Each capsule is 500 mg
  • Has potassium which was also recommended by Dr. Oz for better absorption of garcinia extract. GarciniaLean also had calcium and chromium which are missing in this product. We believe they could have been a good addition as they are also known to help absorption.
  • Every bottle has 90 capsules. It is advised to take 1-2 capsules thrice a day.GarciniaPro from Nutritional Sciences
  • The product is made in USA in a GMP facility.

There are clear instructions about who should not be taking garcinia cambogia (e.g. pregnant and breastfeeding women).

Overall, the specs are decent.

What customers are saying about Garcinia Pro by Nutritional Sciences?

Garcinia Pro by Nutritional Sciences has received overwhelmingly positive reviews by customers. As they only sell on Amazon, we studied the reviews by buyers on Amazon. More than 700 customers have reviewed the product and the rating is close to 4.5/5 which is great. Here are some more details:

What customers like about the product

  • Most of the buyers have commented on the effectiveness of Garcinia Pro in reducing their weight. They say positive to astonishing changes in their weight after taking the product. While the number of pounds lost varied from person to person.
  • Most buyers did not witness any side effects with the product. Most of them were happy that reduced their appetite to a great extent.
  • Given the product actually works, some buyers even called it cost effective as they had to take several tablets while taking other brands but here they achieved the same results with lower number.

A few customers had complaints too. The most common been no weight loss and some side effects. As we always say – not herbal supplements will work on everyone and suit everyone. Thus, it may not be the fault of the supplement afterall.

Overall, the customer reviews of the product are amazing and it has become a popular product online.

Our Recommendation

We loved GarciniaLean a lot and recommended to our readers. While the specs of Garcinia Pro by Nutritional Sciences look a little thin as compared to its predecessor but it seems to have the same effectiveness seeing the customer reviews. We would recommend our readers to go for the product. To buy it from Amazon, click here.