Review of Garcinia Cambogia Extract by VitaTREX

There are so many Garcinia Cambogia extract brands launched in the market in last few months that I am surprised about it. This is both good and bad for a customer. Good because as a customer you have more choices and bad because it is real tough to select one. To make your life easier we review Garcinia Cambogia brands here. In this article we review Garcinia Cambogia by VitaTREX.

About VitaTREX

VitaTREX was founded in 2012 (one of the very few supplement makers which actually talk about when they were founded!) and is based out of Smithtown, NY (USA). The company is in the business of making weight loss supplements and has three products in their portfolio right now, all related to weight loss:

  • Ketone 500 – product made from raspberry ketones
  • Green 800 – Green coffee extract
  • Garcinia 500 – Garcinia Cambogia extract

I was able to find an address and a phone number to call (an 800 number!) which is good sign as most other brands we reviewed did not even have an address. garcinia by VitaTREX
The products of VitaTREX are exclusively sold on Company says it is their way of keeping costs low.

Overall, we are impressed by the information provided over their website about themselves.

Product specifications

Here are the key specifications of Garcinia 500:

  • Has 60% HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid), atleast 50% is required as per Dr. Oz in a good Garcinia Cambogia extract
  • Blended with potassium and calcium to improve effectiveness
  • A bottle has 120 capsules, 3 per day
  • Every capsule is of 500 mg
  • The company claims that the extract is free from yeast, gluten, sugar, wheat and dairy
  • The company claims that there are no artificial colors, binders and fillers added in the extract

The company also claims that the extract is made in an FDA approved facility in USA. It was good to see that they added a warning for buyers on their Amazon page that the extract is evaluated by FDA. This indicates they want to be transparent with their customers

Customer reviews Garcinia Cambogia Extract by Dynamic Nutrition

VitaTREX Garcinia Cambogia extract has scored good points in the above two evaluation parameters let us see how it fares in terms of customer reviews.

The key issue we found is that there are not enough reviews available on the internet of the product probably because it might have been a recent launch. When we evaluated the reviews at that time only 4 are available but all of them 5 star praising the extract.

As the number of reviews is too less we have to take these excellent reviews with a pinch of salt. One good thing is all the reviews are by real buyers.

Overall, we are impressed by company but there are too few reviews to say if the extract is working or not. If you are looking to explore a new brand we recommend this to you else it is best to go with brands with higher number of customer reviews.