Review of Garcinia Cambogia Extract by Trusted Nutrients

In this article we review garcinia cambogia extract by Trusted Nutrients.

About the company

We found Trusted Nutrients as one of the few companies which have a proper website, company address, customer care number and even customer care / 24×7 Access to Certified Nutritionists chatting option. So this is for sure a big positive about Trusted Nutrients to start with.

Trusted Nutrients produce several kinds of herbal supplements including garcinia cambogia, raspberry ketones, green coffee, joint support supplements, multivitamins, etc. The company claims that their factory has been in business for last 20 years and is ISO 9001:2008, NPA & NSD GMP, CCOF & QAI Organic and ISNA HALAL certified.

The company sells its products primarily through two websites – their own and through

Key specifications of the product

Key specs of garcinia cambogia extract by Trusted Nutrients:

  • Has 65% HCA which is higher than minimum (50’%) recommended by Dr. Oz in a good garcinia cambogia extract.
  • Each capsule is of 1,000 mg and a bottle contains 180 capsules.
  • 150 mg of potassium (as Hydroxycitrate) is also to the extract. But another recommended mineral – calcium seems to be missing.
  • The company claims that their product is 100% natural / herbal and has no artificial binders, fillers etc.

There is money back guarantee mentioned by the producer but it is unclear under what conditions that is valid. So to check if there is indeed 24×7 chat support we made an inquiry about money back if we buy through Amazon. Here is the transcript of the same. Sounds pretty good to us.

————————-  Transcript Starts ——————————-

You: hi. how does this money back thing works ? I plan to buy this from Amazon..comGarcinia Cambogia Extract by Trusted Nutrients

Oscar: Good evening, and to answer your question, if for whatever reason you’re not 100% satisfied we will issue you a full refund and let you try any other of our products for free

You – even after the bottle is open? i mean i have to try that to see if it works!

Oscar: Yes it doesn’t matter, you keep it, or give it to someone else if you wish, but I assure you you’ll get your $$ back, and I’ll send you something else. Money’s not a n issue with us

At Trusted Nutrients there are only three things we care about:

  • Your Success
  • Your Results
  • Your Experience

Willing to do anything and everything in our power to help you optimize and maximize all three

You – okay .. sounds good. Thanks

Oscar: You’re quite welcome, but the pleasure is all mines!!!! Also remember, we are all extremely knowledgeable certified sports nutritionists, myself included, in the case that you need anything, tips, advice, questions about any of our products, workout plans, diet plans, chat about similar client experiences, or yours I’m all ears, it’s my sole job to make sure that your experience at Trusted Nutrients is nothing short of AMAZING!

————————-  Transcript Ends ——————————-

What customers are saying about the product?

Customer feedback about garcinia cambogia extract by Trusted Nutrients are mostly positive. This is what customers have to say about the extract:

  • Most of the feedback by buyers state that the extract actually worked for them nicely. Most of them seem satisfied with the weight loss they witnessed using garcinia cambogia extract. Many believe it is great value for money.
  • Some buyers have praised the customer service support provided by the company
  • A few customers witnessed drowsiness after taking the extract. A few others did not witness any weight loss at all. But number of such feedbacks are limited.

Our Recommendation

Based on the information provided by the website, customer service channels (phone, chat, email, etc.) and positive customer feedback, garcinia cambogia extract by Trusted Nutrients seem to be a good buy. One important thing we noticed was – max recommended dosage of garcinia cambogia is most cases is 3,000 mg. Even by this dosage a bottle will last 2 months. Thus making this extract at $24 a bottle very economical one as compared to most others.

We have reviewed so many brands and this for sure looks better than many of them.