Review of Garcinia Cambogia Extract by Potent Organics

Here we review garcinia cambogia extract by potent organics.

About the Company

Garcinia cambogia extract by potent organics is produced and marketed by Potent Organics a Florida based corporation. According to the website of the company it is in business for last 3 years. As far as their products go, they are on weight loss. Apart from garcinia cambogia they also have a green coffee bean extract product along with Phytoceramides, a face lift product.

The company website provides its address and a phone number to reach which is a good thing.

Key specification of the product

Key specs of garcinia cambogia extract by potent organics are:

  • It has 75% HCA, one of the highest percentages we have seen till now. According to Dr. Oz, anything above 50% is good.
  • It has 100 mg potassium and 200 mg calcium per serving.
  • 180 capsules per bottle. Recommended serving is 6 capsules per day. The company recommends 2 capsules max 3 times a day before meals.garcinia cambogia extract by potent organics
  • Every capsule is 500mg
  • Company claims that they do not add any artificial ingredients in the supplement.
  • The supplement is 100% US made and at facilities which adhere to GMPs

The company claims that their product is third party tested but we did not find any details of which is this third party.

Overall, the specs. of the product are great especially 75% HCA and with 3000 mg per day supply.

What customers say about the product

Buyer reviews of garcinia cambogia extract by potent organics have largely been positive.

What buyers like about the supplement:

  • Most buyers are happy with the weight loss effectiveness of the supplement. While some lost more and others less but most buyers witnessed some weight loss
  • With 180 capsules, 75% HCA many buyers feel that the product is a steal especially when it’s price is almost same as any other garcinia cambogia supplement.

Some buyers had complaints too:

  • A few buyers saw no weight loss even after taking the supplement for a whole month.
  • Some witnessed side effects – nausea, headaches, jittery feeling and even weight gain!

Our Recommendation

The product specs of garcinia cambogia extract by potent organics are great. One of the best we have seen in our analysis. The company looks decent, it has a website, physical address and phone number too. The buyer feedback is also good. If you want to explore some other brand than the already poplar ones, this can a good choice. You can buy it from Amazon using this link.

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