Review of Garcinia Cambogia Extract by Nutrifrenzy

Nutrifrenzy markets weight loss supplements. Apart from Garcinia Cambogia, it has also launched other popular weight loss supplements in the market such as – Green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketote.

There is not much available about Nutrifrenzy as a company from its website. Infact we had a tough time navigating it as our internet security s/w gave a serious malware warning while visiting the site. Thus, the information we collected is from the cached version of the site.

One thing which we were able to identify was that the company also sells these weight loss supplements on its own website too. Overall, nothing regarding the company has impressed us.

Product specification

The key product specs of Garcinia Cambogia extract by Nutrifrenzy are:

  • It has 60% HCA. This is good percentage as minimum required is 50%.
  • 1000 mg per serving
  • Each bottle has 60 capsules, 2 capsules to be take per day before breakfast or lunch
  • Minerals such as potassium, calcium and chromium are included in the extract in suitable quantities.
  • It states that the Garcinia Cambogia extract is clinically tested. We do not believe that anything such as “Clinically tested” Garcinia Cambogia exists here especially when the company does not have any manufacturing and lab facilities.

We had to dig into the bottle wrapper design to see warnings associated with the product which is not professional. There are no directions provided whatsoever. Overall, the specs of the extract are decent.

What customers say about Garcinia Cambogia extract by Nutrifrenzy

The extract has received just average reviews. There are as many good reviews as bad ones. With such cut throat competition, receiving average reviews is as bad as receiving poor ones.

What customers do not like about the extract

  • Key issue is – it does not seem to work for customers at all. That is buyers did not lose weight by taking the extract. Some people even gained weight – just opposite of what was promised.
  • Some customers are not happy with lack of directions of using it. We have also mentioned the same point above.

Our recommendation

We do not recommend Garcinia Cambogia extract by Nutrifrenzy. Firstly, we did not find the company good enough, then the product disclosures were not detailed and most imp. – customers are not satisfied with the product.

So, if you are thinking to buy this product, we would advise you to search for others. There are much better ones available in the market.