Review of Garcinia Cambogia Extract by Cure Encapsulations

Here we review Garcinia Cambogia extract by Cure Encapsulations. The extract is sold on various online portals such as Amazon, and several independent small ones too.

About the Company

There is no information available about Cure Encapsulations. It does not have a website, contact number and address.
Garcinia Cambogia extract is their only product available. This generally indicates that company is very new (GCE craze is very recent). It also indicates that it is more of a marketing firm which buys white label stuff and puts its brand name over it.

We do not like such companies, especially when you are buying a health supplement. When we buy a health supplement we should know exactly from whom we are buying it from.

Key specification of Garcinia Cambogia extract by Cure Encapsulations

Here are key specifications of this GCE product:

  • Supplement has 60% HCA which is a good percentage for a Garcinia Cambogia extract to have. Most have around 50% only.
  • Company claims that its supplement is 100% pure and made in USA
  • Supplement also has calcium, potassium, chromium in it for better absorption. There is no mention of how much of these minerals are actually present in the extract

There is no mention of specifications of each capsule but product cover indicates that a single bottle has 60 capsules and is supply for 1 month. Company claims that the product does not have any binders and artificial ingredients.

Interesting, company claims that its product is “The ONLY Product with 100% Scientifically Reviewed Garcinia Combogia Extract.” We are not sure how can company with no website, no address, no indication of its labs and manufacturing facility can make such tall claims. It only reduces your trust on the brand as it seems a blatant lie.

What customers are saying about Garcinia Cambogia extract by Cure Encapsulations

The product is new and thus only a few buyers have bought and commented over it. The number is not good enough to analyze and infer anything about the product. But we noticed a few things:

  • Most positive reviews were not by ‘certified amazon buyers’ but most negative reviews were
  • Even with small number of reviews, people have not given thumbs up to the product. Just above average.

Our recommendation

We have been saying this again and again that as a vigilant customer should never buy any supplements from companies of which there is no available background. This is same case. There are so many better brands and better quality Garcinia Cambogia extract available that you should give this one a skip for sure.