Review of Garcinia Cambogia Extract by Bio Nutrition

We have been asked by some of our readers to review. Garcinia Cambogia extract by Bio Nutrition. Here is what we have to say about it.

About the Company

Bio Nutrition Inc is based out of Island Park, NY. The company was founded by Robert LoMacchio. The company produces various herbal supplements for heart, weight loss, immunity, sexual health etc. Some of their supplements include garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketone, etc.

While there is little info available about company apart from its products, the information availability is much more than most of the other producers we have reviewed. This is for sure is a positive point. Proper address and contact numbers are also provided.

Another good we thing we noticed that the company’s product are also available offline. We are not sure if garcinia cambogia is available on specific stores though.

Key specifications of the product

There are two types of garcinia cambogia products available from Bio Nutrition – one in capsule format and other in liquid format. Infact this is the first garcinia cambogia extract we have encountered which is in liquid format. It is for sure innovative, but not sure if it is more effective than capsule format.

Capsule format specifications:

  • 500 mg capsules
  • 50% HCA (50% is the minimum recommended HCA by Dr. Oz).
  • Every pack has 60 capsules
  • Recommended dosage is 2 per day
  • Has 50 mg of calcium and 35 mg of potassium per capsule.
  • The capsules are claimed to be herbal.

Liquid extract format specification:

  • Every bottle has 120 ml of garcinia cambogia extract in liquid format
  • Recommended dosage is 2 ml, twice a day
  • No calcium and Potassium in this format

There seem to be nothing special about the product. It just meets the minimum requirement of a good garcinia cambogia extract. The liquid format is a good addition but then it does not have calcium and potassium and thus may not be easy to get absorbed.

What customers are saying about the product?

Not many people have provided their views on the product. The reason can be that the product may be new (which does not seem to be case) or it is not popular yet. With just a few reviews we cannot conclude anything about customer perception yet.

Our recommendation

Garcinia cambogia from Bio Nutrition does come from a decent company but the product in itself just meets the minimum requirements of a good GCE. Also, as there are not many customer reviews available and thus it is really tough to ascertain if it works or not. We would recommend you to go for already established brands (check our monthly updates of best brands) rather than this for time being.