Review of Garcinia Cambogia by Island Vibrance

In this article we review garcinia cambogia extract by Island Vibrance.

About the Company

We tried hard to find the company website of the extract were unable to do so. The only thing we know about the company is that it is based in Lopez Island, WA. Thus nothing to report here. It is like several other companies which sell over amazon.con w/o a website etc.

Key specification of Garcinia Cambogia by Island Vibrance

Here are the key specs. of the extract:

  • Contains 75% of HCA. This is one of the highest percentage of HCA we have seen in garcinia cambogia extract till now. According to Dr. Oz. more the HCA, better is the extract.
  • The bottle has 18 capsules, a supply for 45 days. The recommended dosage is 2 capsules, twice a day before meals. Each capsule is 750 mg garcinia cambogia extract and thus taking 4 capsules make it 3,000 mg per day.
  • Every capsule has 50 mg of Potassium. It does not contain calcium.
  • Does not contains fillers and artificial ingredients.
  • The company claims that its product is made in USA at a FDA approved establishment.
  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee provided by the companyreview garcinia cambogia by Island Vibrance

The company also gives a free ebook on how to lose weight using garcinia cambogia. They claim its worth is USD9.99 but we are sure it just contains general information which would be very easily available over internet and thus it is a marketing strategy and nothing else.

Customer feedback on Garcinia Cambogia by Island Vibrance

The overall feedback about Garcinia Cambogia extract by Island Vibrance is positive. Most buyers which have provided the feedback have witnessed positive results using the extract. Here are some points buyers have mentioned about the extract:

Positive aspects

    • Most buyers are impressed by the high percentage of HCA present in the extract. With 75% it is the extract with highest percentage of HCA present in GCE.
  • Every bottle has supply of 45 days when 3,000 mg is taken in a daily basis. Customers find it a great value package. In most other cases the daily dosage is 2,000 mg and supply is of 30 days.
  • It is clear from reviews of several buyers that they have witnessed weight loss (but at different pace) by using this extract.

A few customers have reported side effects – constipation, headaches etc. after taking the product.What customers do not like about the product:

  • Some buyers witnessed very slow weight loss or nothing at all.

It is normal that all herbal supplements may not work for all people, thus Garcinia Cambogia by Island Vibrance not working for a few is not an area of concern. But yes, please be careful as some buyers reported side effects too.

Our recommendation

Frankly we did not like that fact that there is no info available about the producer of the extract. For us this is a big negative point. The extract however cover lots of ground by having some great specs and positive customer reviews. Thus, considering both positive and negative points we are maintaining a neutral stand on Garcinia Cambogia by Island Vibrance. You may try this one if you do want to try a strong extract.