Review of Garcinia Lean by Nutritional Sciences

Garcinia Lean by Nutritional Sciences is also among popular Garcinia Cambogia extracts sold into the market. Here are some more details.

About the Company

There is no detail given on the Nutritional Sciences’s website regarding its history and location. But they are still better than several other Garcinia Cambogia extract providers who do not even maintain a website and contact numbers.

The company clearly indicates that all its customer queries, returns, etc. are handled by Amazon. This is because they sell exclusively on Amazon only. The do provide (866) 216-1072 as their customer care number.

It primarily deals with weight loss supplements including Garcinia Cambogia , green coffee extract, raspberry ketone, etc. The company boasts of shipping over 1,000,000 bottles of supplements till yet with return rates below 1%.

Their products come with 60 day money back guarantee from

Garcinia Lean Product specifications

Key product specification of Garcinia Lean is:

  • Has 60% Hydroxycitric Acid (anything above 50% is considered to be good)GCE extract by Garcinia Lean
  • Every capsule has:

    • Pure Garcinia Cambogia extract and is made in USA
    • 1000 gms Garcinia Cambogia extract
    • 50 gms Potasium
    • 50 gms Calcium
    • Chromium 200mcg
    • Vegetable Cellulose
  • Every bottle has 60 capsules, 2 per day

Company claims that the supplements do not contain any artificial ingredients, binders and fillers
It is one of the few companies which provide clear indications on Amazon that pregnant and nursing women, children and people with medical conditions should consult a doctor before taking the supplements. While this information is obvious, but most herbal supplement provides do not put on their Amazon selling page.

Customer Review for Garcinia Lean

Majority of the online reviews about the product are good or very good. We found that the proportion of verified buyer reviewing the product is much higher than that or several other extracts. This lends authenticity to the reviews.

Positive aspects

  • Most users expressed satisfaction after Garcinia Lean’s ability to reduce weight. Users are happy to mention that by taking this extract their cravings and appetite have reduced leading to weight loss. Some users have lost substantial weight while other only a few pounds.
  • Users did not witness any major side effect after taking Garcinia Lean
  • Most users mention that they lost weight without making any changes in their diet and physical activity

Negative aspects

  • For some users the herbal supplement did not work at all. Some users started feeling more hungry and thus gained weight.

Herbal supplements do no not work always and not for all people. Thus there have to be users who were not satisfied.

Our Recommendation

Based on analysis of other extracts, how they present information, customer care contacts and authenticity of reviews on Amazon we recommend Garcinia Lean if you want to try Garcinia Cambogia Extract for weight loss. This extract also has chromium which is missing in most other extracts.