Review of Garcinia Cambogia Extract by PhysioVites or New You Vitamins

Continuing our effort to review Garcinia Cambogia brands to make sure users buy best possible brands here is our review for Garcinia Cambogia extract by PhysioVites.

About the company

PhysioVites is a brand name of New You Vitamins Inc. The company is based in Orlando. They seem to be producing several kinds of herbal supplements including many for weight loss such as green coffee extract, raspberry extract etc. When we searched for product by PhysioVites / New You Vitamins over Amazon we got a list of 370 of them! If this is true, out of all brands we have reviewed, it makes them the one with most extensive product portfolio.

We visited New You Vitamins website and found it to be most professional website of any herbal extract we have reviewed yet. All products are explained in proper manner, the company provides address and phone number for customers to call and interact with them. Company also sells from its own website apart from portals such as Amazon.

Also, it is the first time we were able to identify the owner / CEO of a herbal supplement firm. New You Vitamins Inc. is run by Mr. Joe Schoeman.Product specification

Key specifications are:

  • There are no capsules in each bottle
  • Each capsule is of 400 mg
  • Money back guarantee

There are a few very important specs which are missing from list. The first and most important is percentage of HCA in the extract. It is surprising how they missed it while describing the product both on their website and on Amazon. There is also no mention of extra minerals etc. present in the extract.

Warnings and usage instructions are provided with the supplement.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews for Garcinia Cambogia extract by PhysioVites / New You Vitamins is above average. It is not very good but also not bad.

Positive aspects:

  • Several users were found the product effective in terms of losing weight. But everyone had different opinions about it. Also the weight lost was not uniform among the users

Negative aspects:

  • A few people experienced rashes and other side effects
  • Some users did not register any weight loss at all

Our recommendation

New You Vitamins seems to a better organized firm as compared to most other herbal supplement companies. The customer reviews are also above average. While there are better brands available in the market, this one is also not too bad. If you have tried others already and want to try a new one, you can give this one a shot.