Review of Garcinia Cambogia Extract by Nutrigold

Garcinia Cambogia Extract has taken weight loss supplement market by storm. There are so many brands available and thus it is difficult to identify which one is good and which ones are scams. For the same we have started reviewing all popular brands on important criteria and then arrive at our recommendations. In this article we review Garcinia Cambogia Extract produced and marketed by NutriGold.

About Nutrigold

Nutrigold is one of the few companies which are selling wide variety of herbal and vitamin supplements. Most others have only a handful of products while Nutrigold has more than 40 products.

Nutrigold is based on Orma, Utah and also sell its products on its own website, which again is rare for most other herbal supplements companies.

When we looked at the details of Garcinia Cambogia product on Nutrigold it was the most complete information we had ever seen by a seller on its website. They have everything from details of ingredients, dosage, side effects to FAQs.

We are impressed by the way they present information on their website.

Product specification

Lots of information is provided by Nutrigold on its Garcinia Cambogia extract. Here they are:

  • Every capsule if of 500 gms
  • There are 180 capsules in a bottle
  • Recommended dosage is 3 capsules ½ to 2 hrs before meal
  • Contains 60% Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) which is more than most other extracts which have
  • It uses Super Citrimax®, a clinically tested Garcinia extract. In most other brands this information is not revealed. This extract is protected by 3 US patents. Which gives us comfort in quality of the extract.
  • Contains 70 mg potassium (again more than usual 50 mg in other extracts)
  • Contains 50 mg calcium
  • Company clearly specifies that the extract is allergen free and does not contain egg, soy, gluten, wheat, peanut, milk, etc. This is the first time we saw a producer giving this detail.

Nutrigold’s extract does not contain binders, fillers, starch, sugar, yeast and harmful minerals such as titanium oxide.

Overall, we were very impressed by the detailed information provided by the company about its product. Using of a patented extract assures us of the quality of extract as compared to other brands.

Customer reviews

While we were very impressed by the product specs, the customer reviews about Nutrigold’s Garcinia Cambogia extract are not encouraging. It just manages to get a rating of 3 out 5 on Amazon. We tried to find out if the reviews were faked to bring down the ratings. But most of the reviews were written by Amazon certified buyers which make us believe that there is high chance for them to be genuine.

Based on our analysis of customer reviews key drawbacks of the product include:

  • The weight loss never happens. Of course in case of other brands we reviewed there were cases where people did not get desire results but for Nutrigold the number of such users is very large. This is not good as the sole purpose of the extract is weight loss!
  • Some users also felt dizzy after taking the extract. Some had headaches etc.

Our recommendation

While were are impressed by the way company has presented its product and its information the product does not seem to work for customers. End of the day practical performance is always considered over and above theoretical excellence. Thus we would not recommend users to buy this product. There are other brands with much better reviews to choose from.