Review of Garcinia Cambogia Extract by Earths Design

Among all Garcinia Cambogia extract brands Earths Design is one of the most highly rated. But does that mean it is also good? We tested the authenticity of this brand our simple rules to identify pure Garcinia Cambogia extract. Here is how we did it.

About the Company

We feel a genuine herbal extract producing firm will always have an independent website. We did not find any in case of Earths Design. It seems that the company purely sells through Amazon and uses its customer care services.

While this is fine, an independent website, product brief and also email / phone number is always good. It adds to authenticity. In our opinion, Earths Design most probably (we are not 100% sure but it seems that way) uses third party private label manufacturing firm and then sell the product to Amazon. 

Product specification

The company claims the following for its extract:

  • Company claims that the extract is pure and has 50% Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA)
  • Each bottle has 120 capsules, 4 per day before meals
  • The daily dosage is 3,000 mg (750 mg x4)GCE by earth's design

There is no mention that the product does ‘not’ have binders, fillers and other artificial ingredients. Also there is no mention of calcium and potassium in the extract which was part of the product specified by Dr. Oz.

Thus, based on the facts provided, as compared to other available products this extract seems to be low on quality.

Customer reviews

Garcinia Cambogia Extract by Earths Design has one of the best reviews of all similar extracts available on Amazon. We tried verifying the authenticity of the reviews by checking how many reviewers are verified users and found a large number of them were. This is a good sign. Secondly, verified reviewers seemed to be genuine too as most of them had reviewed different products and at different times. Overall, the reviewers look genuine as compared to some other brands we had reviewed in past.

Positive aspects:

  • Most users are satisfied with the usage of the extract. Some people have mentioned that they have greatly benefited from the product losing more than 10 pounds in few weeks. Some others have lost a bit less but are nevertheless satisfied with it
  • Most people have not changes their lifestyle while using the product.
  • Little of no side effects observed while using the product

Negative aspects

There are only a few negative reviews about the product. Some users did not get the desired results. Here we would like to say that no medicine how genuine and well researched works nicely for all. The chances of mediocre of no results are even higher in herbal supplements.

Our recommendation

While we were at first disappointed that the brand does not have a website and does not mention some key ingredients required in the extract but the reviews they have received are very good. More importantly the reviews seem like from genuine users and not fake ones. Thus overall we recommend this product for people looking to buy a good Garcinia Cambogia Extract.