Review of Garcinia Cambogia Extract by Dynamic Nutrition

Garcinia Cambogia Extract by Dynamic Nutrition has good overall reviews by users. Let us find more about the company, product details and analysis of customer reviews. In the end we will conclude whether this extract by Dynamic Nutrition is actually good or not.

About Dynamic Nutrition

Strangely we were not able to find any website or any other detail of Dynamic Nutrition. This is a bad sign for a firm claiming to sell #1 herbal supplements. Either their company is not registered by this brand name (in that case they should tell customers) or they actually do not have a set-up.

The company on its Amazon page claims that the extract is made in US, but in such a situation there should be an office. It seems more likely the company just get it manufactured and put their brand name over the bottle.

It is also disappointing to know that there is no one to call for customer care or even write an email. It is rule #1 for a genuine firm to have a customer care number or email. Eden Pond also did not have a phone number atleast they have an email and promise to reply asap.

This is a big letdown.

Product specifications

The specifications of the product are:

  • Company claims that the product has Pure-Clinically Proven Garcinia Cambogia Extract
  • 500 mg per capsules
  • Every bottle has 90 capsules
  • Contains 60% Hydroxycitric Acid
  • Also has potassium (70 mg) and calcium (50 mg)

The capsules need to be taken 30 min to 2 hrs before meals 3 times a day. The company has proposed two different dosages for the supplement:

  • Satiety dosages in which you take 1 capsule each before meal and thus total of 1500 mg per day. This dosage is mainly to curb appetite.
  • Weight loss dosage has 3 capsules before every meal. Thus here you take 4500 mg extract per day. This is to burn fat apart from controlling the appetite and thus promotes weight loss.

Reviews Garcinia Cambogia Extract by Dynamic Nutrition

We analyzed customer reviews of the extract from various portals especially Amazon. While overall the feedback looks very good, there is a loophole. Most positive reviews are written by people who are not certified Amazon buyers. This means, they may or may not have used the product at all.
Another fishy thing about several positive reviewers is that they have given 5 stars to most of the products (most of them are surprisingly for weight loss) they have reviewed. This looks unlikely scenario to us.

So while we present the analysis of the reviews, we would recommend that you exercise caution here.

Positive aspects

  • Most reviewers have found the product to be great. Their cravings for food died and thus their meal size. They were able to lose weight and the product worked they had expected and sometimes better than expected too.
  • Users experienced little or no side effects at all of the extract.
  • Several users indicated that the product works better with healthy diet and some exercise.


  • A few customers have indicated that they had no weight loss at all inspite of taking the dosage for good number of days
  • While following weight loss dosage, a single bottle lasts only 10 days. Thus in a month user has to spend USD 75 for the tables which is an area of concern.

Our recommendation

There are positive reviews about the product but we believe a herbal supplement company which no address and contact number seems fishy. Also there are so many 5 star reviews by non-verified buyers which also raise an alarm.

Overall, we would recommend that you look for more reliable brand and only take this one if you cannot.