Miracle Garcinia Cambogia Review

Here we review Miracle Garcinia Cambogia. 

About the company

Before we go ahead, we would like to mention that there are several products with “miracle garcinia cambogia” and “garcinia cambogia miracle”. We are reviewing the product by Miracle Garcinia Cambogia by the company based in San Diego. 

As already mentioned, the product is marked by a company based in San Diego. They seem to have just one product in their product list. The company mentions a support email and a phone number too on their website. 

Key product specifications of Miracle Garcinia Cambogia

We were not able to find much info on the product on their website. Infact this is one of the rare cases where even the % of HCA is not mentioned leave aside other info. We had to do an extensive sit search to find the detail out which was in an old label in PDF format on the website (miraclegarciniacambogia.com/label.pdf)

miracle garcinia cambogia lable

According to the label (which according to google was updated in 2013. The ingredients are:

  • 60% HCA. HCA is the key active ingredient which is the reason behind the weight loss property of garcinia cambogia. Dr. Oz recommended min 50% HCA for good results.
  • Calcium (20 mg) and Potassium (10 mg). These help in better absorption and assimilation of HCA in body. 
  • The company claims that its product is 100% natural.
  • Recommended dosage – 2 capsules daily.

The specs. of Miracle garcinia cambogia are decent. While there are other products with 75% HCA but 60% is also not bad. We would have appreciated if these details were mentioned clearly on the website for everyone to read and compare.


We believe, the pricing of Miracle garcinia cambogia is steep. A single bottle costs $54. One of the most popular garcinia cambogia product Naturewise Garcinia cambogia costs less than $25. It has more than 7,000 reviews to support its case too. 

Customer reviews

As the product is not sold on Amazon or other leading online portals the reviews available were low. We searched on Better Business Bureau (BBB) and found 40 complaints against the company on these issues:

  • Billing related: People were billed without their approval even after cancellation of the order. In most cases the company representative replied by either refunding the money or by explaining the reason of not doing so.
  • Trail period related: There seem to be a confusion in this case as a few customers mentioned that they opted for a trial offer while the company in reply said that they do not run one. This may be an issue related to confusion in product names we mentioned at the start of the review.
  • Lack of customer care support: Some buyers mentioned that they did not receive the support in billing and cancellation they expected and thus had to come back and complain on BBB.
  • Auto monthly billing activation: This seems to be a major point of contention. To check we visited the payment page and found that it does say there will be auto billing. But it’s mentioned as a footnote and not as part of the offer. Thus while the company can claim it has given info, but maybe most people never expect such info like that. Customers need to be more aware here.

miracle garcinia cambogia auto billing

Our Recommendation

The specs of the product are okay but given its steep price and non-availability on portals such as amazon (which helps in customer care related issues etc.) we would suggest you to consider other brands. 

If you want to buy a good quality garcinia cambogia extract, please read about our all time favorite and genuine product list here.