LiveTru Nutrition Garcinia Cambogia Review

We review garcinia cambogia extract by LiveTru Nutrition here.

About the company

There is little information available about the company on its website. According to website the company is in business of supplements for last 7 years. There is no other information available including the contact address and phone number. This sounds very surprising given the fact that these guys are selling their supplements on their sites too. How a customer is supposed to contact the company with no email / phone number but just a form?

Key specifications of LiveTru Nutrition garcinia cambogia

Here are the key specs of the extract:

  1. The extract has 60% HCA in it which is a good percentage. The minimum prescribed by Dr. Oz was 50%.
  2. Every bottle has 60 capsules.
  3. Each capsule is of 800 mg and the recommended dosage per day is 1,600 mg (2 capsules) per day.
  4. Each capsule has 40 mg calcium and potassium in it. These minerals were recommended by Dr. Oz for good absorption of GCE.
  5. Does not contain any fillers or binders

As such, the specs of LiveTru Nutrition garcinia cambogia are just meet the requirements and there is nothing special about them.

Customer reviews of LiveTru Nutrition garcinia cambogia

Let us see what customers are talking about the product. Based on our research of customer reviews and comments on buying portals the extract seem to be of average quality. Here are some specifics:

Positives about the product:

  • Some customers witnessed weight loss by taking the extract.
  • A few buyers feel that the product is value for money.

Negatives about the product:

  • Several buyers were not satisfied with the performance of the product and witnessed no weight loss at all.
  • A few suffered from nausea and headaches after taking the product. Some complained of gas troubles.
  • We also noticed that many reviewers who have given 5 stars to the product have only reviewed just this product. This is strange.

Our Recommendation

We do not recommend LiveTru Nutrition garcinia cambogia as the brands does not have any specialty both in terms of specs and performance (customer reviews). There are much better brands in the market available at this price range.