List of Scam Garcinia Cambogia Brands

During our reviews of various brands we have come across and reviewed brands which we would NEVER EVER recommend – at any cost. Simple because we believe these brands are fake / scams.

Some of the key traits of a garcinia cambogia scam brands

  • They do not sell the product, they sell free trials. If you come across a brand which says “rush my free trial order” then STOP and think. You may as well become victim of the next scam brand.
  • They are never on Amazon. 99.99% garcinia cambogia brands sell on Amazon, simply because that is where people go and buy them. If you find a brand which is not then become suspicious for sure.
  • These brands do not have a website. What they do have is numerous SEO websites with their brand name in the domain name. All these SEO websites have 1-2 articles which promote the trial offer.
  • The trial offer will take you to a new website to collect email, address and shipping charges. You will be surprised to know that these website vary based on which SEO website you actually went. It means for the same product there will be multiple selling websites! Even funnier thing is many websites do not even sell the product of that name! how ridiculous!Garcinia cambogia scam brands
  • They all follow the same website design pattern. A box asking you for just your name, email, phone and address. You thinking that will be the end you will fill it but no! This is then followed by a page which says there is a shipping charge too (usually $5).
  • There is always a fine print saying that if you do not cancel your order in x number of days the company will send you bottles (at exuberant prices). Unfortunately, most people will never see this fine print which is buried at the bottom in a very small font.
  • You cannot actually cancel your order here, the customer care does not work or respond, they keep sending new bottles and keep charging hefty money until you cancel your card itself!

So there are some of the key traits of scam garcinia cambogia brands. We have identified them by lots of research. Based on these and lots of customer reviews we have come to build a scam list for our readers. These are the brands they should avoid at all costs as we believe they are not genuine.

List of Scam garcinia cambogia brands

Till now we have identified the following brand which we are pretty sure are scams:

  • Slendera garcinia cambogia – read detail review here
  • Garcinia Cambogia Slim Fast – read detail review here
  • Lipo G3 Garcinia Cambogia – read detail review here
  • Simply Garcinia Cambogia – read detail review here

We will keep updating the list as we get more info. If you come across any such brand please let us know. We will review it and see if it falls under the scam category. This can be of great help for others.

Our Recommended brands

Okay from scams to genuine brands. On a monthly basis we conduct research and come up with our list of top 3 garcinia cambogia brands of that month. If you are looking for some great garcinia brands here is our list of top 3 recommendations.