Garcinia Cambogia XT Review

It been a while we posted a review. This one was triggered by several emails we received on how good is Garcinia XT. So we did some research and here is what we found.

About the company

Garcainia cambogia XT is marketed by Optimal Health Products Inc. It is based in Wilmington, DE. The company also markets other products including Pure Ycaon XT ( a probiotic), Striction BP (for blood pressure), African Mango (weight loss supplement) and Natural Cleanse (metabolism).

The company has a dedicated website and mentions their customer support email and phone number. 

Key Specification of the Garcainia cambogia XT

Here are some key specs. of Garcinia Cambogia XT:

  • The main website claims that it has 50% HCA. HCA is the key active ingredient of garcinia cambogia which is responsible for its weight loss property. Dr. Oz mentioned that min. 50% HCA is must for a good supplement. But today supplements with as much as 75% HCA are available in the market. Thus 50% is way low.
  • Made in USA in a FDA approved facility
  • There is no mention of other helpful ingredients such as calcium and potassium. Infact there is no mention of any other ingredients on the website when we scanned it.
  • The company claims that its ingredients are all natural.

Well, the specs of the products are really poor and also poorly mentioned (or rather hidden). 50% HCA is low and with no mention of anything else – infact most surprising was the fact that there is no mention of how many pills are in a bottle and how many mgs a pill is of! Not acceptable guys. 

Other issues with Garcinia Cambogia XT

The problems do not stop here. To have a look at the ordering process we went ahead and clicked on order now and to our surprise we were taken to a new website!! ( The issue does not end here! Look at these pics:

In the pic below the text mentions Pure Garcinia cambogia! And not Garcinia Cambogia XT. 

garcinia cambogia xt 1

Again, in another para it mentions a compete different name – Super Citrimax Garcinia Cambogia! With 60% HCA while on their website it was 50%. 

garcinia cambogia xt review

But the image at the extreme bottom is of garcinia cambogia XT. What does this prove? Yes, you are right.

garcinia cambogia xt review scam

Pricing and Payment 

The pricing of Garcinia cambogia XT is outrageous. A single bottle costs $49! You can get 2 bottles of bestselling Naturewise garcinia cambogia with more than 7,000 positive reviews on Amazon at this price! 

Garcinia cambogia XT Trial and Scam

We also found that the company (or the product with same name) was also available as a trial for 14 days on this website – We are not sure it is by same company or not but as they share same name we though to include it here. We have just discussed their trail period offer here. 

garcinia cambogia xt trial

As you can see, they deliver 2 months of the product at $4.95. But if you do not cancel in 14 days, you are billed for $79! And then rebilled on a monthly basis (see below, the footnote).

There are so many people who have been duped by this and have lost hundreds of dollars. Even when they call customer care for cancellation, the product is not cancelled and the billing is done. Many have to cancel their cards to get rid of this!

Customer feedback

We ran a general scan on what people are saying about the product and the reviews were mostly negative. Here is a gist:

  • After buying the product people realized that the product cost twice as much as most genuine products in the market.
  • The company says 60 days money back guarantee but most people who wanted to cancel had tough time returning the product back to the company.


Please stay away from Garcinia cambogia XT at all costs. 

If you want to buy a good quality garcinia cambogia extract, please read about our alltime favorite and genuine product list here.