Garcinia Cambogia Extract by Eden Pond

Among several Garcinia Cambogia producers which are selling its extract online, Eden Pond has received best average reviews from its users. But does that mean it is good? Let us find out.

About Eden Pond

The company is in business of selling herbal, mineral and vitamin supplements. They have listed 24 such products online on their website.

Apart from selling on online portals such as Amazon, the company also sells through its own website. We found one thing very strange; Eden Pond does not provide any contact address, not even a phone number! and say that they are an internet based company. 

Though End Pond claims that its products are 100% USA made, it raises question then why there is no contact address given. Most reliable supplements we have reviewed do give a phone number and physical address.

Product specification

Garcinia Cambogia Extract 500 mg is the main product of Eden Pond. Its specifications include:

  • A bottle has 200 capsules
  • Each capsule is 400 mg, daily dosage of 2,000 mg (thus 4 capsules per day)
  • Company claims that there is 50% naturally occurring Hydroxycitric Acid in the extractGarcinia Cambogia by eden pond
  • Company claims that the product is made in USA and GMP certified
  • There is a money back guarantee with the product if the customer is not fully satisfied

Company advices customers to take the extract for atleast 45 days to see the difference.

Customer Reviews

We analyzed reviews of Garcinia Cambogia Extract by Eden Pond from various sources and found that most of them are positive, which is good sign. Based on analysis of customer comments here are some more details on the product:

Positive points:

  • Most reviews indicate that the product has worked well for the users. It has helped in controlling their craving which in turn leads to weight loss in due course of time. The kilos lost varied a lot from user to user which is obvious.
  • Most users of Eden Pond’s Garcinia Cambogia Extract did not change their routines while taking the extract but still experienced weight loss.
  • Very minor or no side effects at all observed by most users

Yes, there are positive reviews, but dont buy the product yet. Read fully and then decide. 

Negative points:

While only a few, there are some serious allegations here:

  • A very valid point raised by customers is that most positive reviews posted on Amazon are not from ‘certified buyers’ i.e. they did not actually buy the product from Amazon. Thus there is a high chances of them being fake. Ofcourse there is likelihood of people buying it directly online from Eden Pond website, but it is indeed fishy. # Update – With the passage of time the number of reviews on  Eden Pond have increased. Most of them are positive indicating that it is a good product afterall. It has also since then featured as a recommended product in our monthly updates.
  • Many reviewers who have given god reviews have been commenting on Eden Pond’s products only. This is also strange as raises suspicion of paid reviews. # Update : This is no more the case now. It is one of the most highly positively reviewed garcinia cambohia brand today on Amazon. 


Frankly, our initial views on Eden Pond were not very good but it has passed the most imp. test – test of time. People seem to love it. It is clear from huge number of positive reviews for the product.

Final verdict: Highy recommended! Go ahead and get your bottle today.