Do Not Buy Lipo G3 Garcinia Cambogia Without Reading this Review

A few months ago we did a review of Slendera Garcinia Cambogia where we warned people about all the problems one can get into buying the product. We thought there will not be many more like this, but guess what, here is one more – Lipo G3 garcinia cambogia.

About the company

Well, there is no idea who is producing Lipo G3 garcinia cambogia – which is indeed a very negative aspect in itself. While we tried searching for the website for Lipo G3 garcinia cambogia what we only got was numerous SEO websites and blogs all praising and talking about Lipo G3 garcinia cambogia in nice manner. But no signs of actual website.


Update: We have come across the website of Lipo G3 now. The website URL is The website also provides a number to call and a physical address. But other issues remain the same, we do not know anything more about the product and it has the same structure as that of so many other scam websites selling free products. 


Well, this does not end here. All these SEO or promotional websites have a big call button asking readers to claim their free bottle of Lipo G3 garcinia cambogia. Of course, who will not want a free trial bottle of a product which generally costs $25.

So, you click the button then the magic starts. You are redirected to this site in most cases – and several others. Interesting aspect of all these websites is they do not even have the name of Lipo G3 garcinia cambogia on their sales page! Just marketing jargon. Even worse, some have a different name of the product altogether!!

It does not stop here, you are again lured to fill up a form to claim your free bottle. You painfully enter all your details correctly (as you have to claim your free bottle!!). Then you press submit. Bang, next page – It says there will be minor shipping costs – which is close to $6 !! and for that they require your payment / card info.

That’s it. You again think I am getting a $25 thing in $6, not a bad deal. But it is a blunder. Why ? Here are the reasons.


Update: The formal website of Lipo G3 also has the same structure. One has to fill the form on home page which says the product is free. Then the next page asks for shipping charges.  While there is clear mention at the bottom that one needs to cancel the product in specified time else credit card will be billed but which genuine company is know to follow this practice? Will Amazon ever bill you like that by selling a free sample? If I want I will order more isn’t that the way it should be?


Lipo G3 garcinia cambogia is fake, why?

All major brands atleast sell over Amazon but not this one! Because, we believe that this is a scam.

There is no website of the company making the product. All websites are promotional websites which lure you to a new website which is there just to capture your address and payment details.

Update: There is a website but the website is very similar to any other promotional website selling the product. Same structure and same method

In the websites describing the product there is no talk about product quality, how much HCA it has, no mention of fillers and dosage. Just plain marketing jargon.

What these guys are trying to do is this –

  • Get your email and address (which will be authentic as you want to get your bottle) and then maybe misuse it for sales list etc. There is great demand for such lists anyways. These can then also be used to market other products.
  • They say the product is free but charge $6 for shipping! Why?
  • And in the end and biggest thing – they lure you to put your card details and then send you the paid bottles next time with you unaware about it.

How do we know this? Because this is exact replica of what happened with people who bought Slendera Garcinia Cambogia. See here for customer reviews about it.

People have to cancel their credit cards as these people keep charging them for a BS product which they never actually ordered! There is no running if you are caught in this trap so be cautious.

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  • Desireé

    Sorry to whoever wrote this but, you’re wrong. The site is and the number is 800-581-0170.
    I’ve ordered this. And recieved the product. If you read the Terms&Conditions, you will see where it says very clearly that you will receive the said product but after 2 weeks of ordering, you must call them to cancel the next order. (You have to give them a 24hr notice, so if waiting until the last minute, call the day before so you don’t get charged) Or you will get a charge of $99. They ask why you aren’t satisfied and if the product worked for you. They then give you the option to cancel and return the rest of the pills you didn’t take OR give it another 2 week trial. I didn’t want to go through the hassle of returning anything, plus I had only taken a few and wanted to keep trying them… so I went with the offer of another 2 weeks. When I called back 2 weeks later, they asked if I wanted another bottle sent and I said no I’m done with the trial but thank you. The guy told me I wouldn’t be sent anymore or charged the $99. He also told me if I have any pills left, to keep them. I didn’t have to return any! I was happy!! I got the pills for the shipping price, didn’t have to return anything, they really work (I actually only take half a pill midday so I’m not too hungry at work), gives me energy, didn’t get charged the $99 just like the guy said, and the people were nice on the phone. I’ll have to decide if I want another bottle and where to get it, but other than that, I was satisfied and they did just what they said they would.

    • Katie Mendez

      I called and simply told them it was too expensive. The guy asked me if I would continue with the product if he cut down the price. He gave me 50% off which is completely doable. I love this product.

      • Yolanda Flores

        I got this product in mail and took it and found myself light headed, nausea, nearly fainted on the side of the highway. End up in the E.R. and they said my blood pressure increased and sugar level dropped. I never had this problem prior to taking pills and ate a full breakfast when taking it. Threw them in the trash when I got home.

    • Laura Hatcher

      Desiree you rock! I was having such a hard time locating their 800# and you made it easy with this post. You gave great information and I appreciate that you shared your experience with everyone. I was able to get to my target weight (I even have 4 leftover bottles I don’t know what to do with), and Nate at Lipo3G customer service was very helpful and was able to cancel my account with little effort. He was able to give me a cancellation confirmation number over the phone which I really appreciate. I will hold onto that cancellation number until I am sure that my account/shipment cancelled properly just in case. Many thanks! L ([email protected])

    • Sue Gonzalez



      This company tries to deceive people into ordering a free sample bottle, which they charge you for after 14 days – $100.78. Stay far away from this fake advertising and don’t believe anything positive about this outfit – it is a total, outrageous scam!!!

  • Jipped

    Umm no the original poster is 100% accurate I ordered this product it showed up then they authorized my card for $89 which by the way is no where in the terms and conditions, I called to have the issue resolved and every representative of the so called “company” was extremely rude, condescending, and has no professional educate. These pills made me violently ill for days and even after telling them that they were still trying to get money out of me. This establishment should be investigated by the Better business bureau because everything that they say is completely false. I hope this nonsensical establishment gets ripped apart, and that all of the employees that work there get jobs where there is absolutely no customer interaction because I did not speak with one pleasant human being there and I highly doubt one to exist. Anyone reading this review and who is still willing to purchase this then have fun getting ripped off by this deceitful “company” and for those of you like me who are not reading this until after the fact and shaking your heads….lesson learned.

  • Jipped

    And as for the post below me Desiree, you sound just like an employee. Try being honest next time. This “company” is a joke.


    i got two charges and this company is full of lies and bullshit!!! They charged me the $89 then 2 weeks later $99!! I’m calling my bank bc this is bullshit i have to pay a restocking fee of $15 and shipping and handling to mail the pills back. i never wanted or knew they were being mailed!! NEVER BELIEVE THE ADS OR THE SHIT ABOUT HOW OTHERS HAVE USED THIS!!!! ITS ALL BULLSHIT!!!

  • Fucklipog3

    First off this company definitely charged me out of nowhere 89 dollars and then I called my bank and filed a claim. The customer service representative was very rude and kinda sounded like she was mocking me! But as far as the pills go, they made me sick as fuck! They suck and definitely need to be checked to see if they cause problems. This pills are now in the trash.

  • Fucklipog3


  • Teareney

    Yeah this company is crazy. I read the terms and conditions so I knew to cancel the product. They didn’t charge me because I called and canceled, but the man said my name was ghetto and asked what my mom was thinking when she named me. First of all, my cousin named me. And second of all, everyone thinks my name is rare and beautiful. I don’t even think the man is even from America. Like sorry my mom didn’t name me Gholani or some shit. But anyways I sent the pills back because they made me sick before and after I took the pills with a meal.

  • Rudy Reimer

    The free 30 day trial can be as short as 5 or 6 days. It starts with the day you order (probably at midnight or one minute ends about318 hours late, without a minute of grace period. I received my shipment on August 7 2014 and attempted to cancel on August 15 on LIPO-G3′ website. On August 17, I made a follow-up phone call to verify that the account had been cancelled and I was made aware by a not so friendly Customer Service rep, that I had exceeded the time limit and my credit card had already been charged. The product was/is not compatible with other medication II am taking and certainly did not have the advertised results. I am returning the remainder of the product, bearing the cost of shipping and handling as well as $15.00 re-stocking charge. I caution anyone who contemplates doing business with LIPO-G3 to spend a lot of time reading the fine print of the “Terms and Conditions”, they are not in the customer favor.

    • Victoria Lewandowski

      Same here !!

  • scammmmm

    They keep trying to sell you more stuff when you just call to cancel and ninety something dollars is outrageous. They should not take that much money out of someone’s account that’s crazy.

  • Diana


  • Diana


  • Christy

    This company is absolutely terrible and so unprofessional. They were taking almost $200 out of my account for 4 months! I called and told them I did not want anymore, I was sending it all back, and their charge was totally unauthorized. I never gave permission to have anything taken out if my account. The guy was so rude, and mocked me, and tried to talk in circles. He said they tape all calls to prove I agreed to terms but when I asked him to find my call he then said he could only access calls 30 days back. I also asked to speak with a supervisor and he said he was in a meeting and then just flat out refused to let me speak with anyone else. He would talk over me very loud and repeat himself over and over again. This place is a total fraud and joke and they should be prosecuted!

  • mickee fry

    I ordered and only got the second half of my order the Regula RX. Never did get the Lipo-G3. Going to call to cancel since someone did get a phone number. Thank you. You can’t try a product you never receive.

  • Pissed off to the max!

    Totally pissed off!!!!!!!!!!! First, the pills made me sick as a dog. I was so sick that I had to gag myself to throw up. Then, they charged over $400 on my card without my consent. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of the terms & consideration……… first time ordering a trial. The company was rude once I contacted them. The only way I got a number was from my bank. I had to cancel my bank card after checks were bouncing because I wasn’t aware that they were charging me. This company is so awful. There weren’t even any instructions on how and when to take the pills. It only said take two pills.

  • k dej

    Thank you to Desiree for the number. I got this product for my husband, trying to encourage him, but you know…. He hasn’t taken it yet and I wanted to just cancel and be done with it. I was surprised that they said that THIS bottle would be charged the $99. She said I could return the bottle and not be charged. But I told her I thought it was free and the next shipment would be charged. I didn’t want to spend more money to return it. They did try to get me to extend the trial period and offered a couple of discounts, but I didn’t want to deal with all that – too much to do. So Sharon talked to a supervisor and they said they would cancel the order, no future shipments or charges. I forgot, called back and got a cancellation confirmation number. They were both very nice. So, I’m satisfied. BUT of course, I have to see how that plays out on my credit card next month. I do need to not do these surveys where they offer these ‘free’ products . . . .

  • joan g

    Please do not fall for the SCAM!! They don’t tell you that your “free trial” is 13 days and after that they are going to bill you $100.00 each bottle which is $200.00 a month automatically. And if you do send it back before then which means paying again for shipping and handling… along with they charge you $15.00 a bottle for restocking fee which is another $30.00. It is hard to find a c I ntact number and when you do get a hold of someone they are incredibly rude. I hope no one else gets sucked in to this.

  • joan g

    Also they don’t tell you if you have heart disease don’t take. I ended up in the hospital the first day taking the so called natural fruit supplement. So if they don’t kill just your wallet they can also kill you. Absolute worst idea ever. If you want to lose weight healthy go to your family doctor and come up with a better plan. Godluck to all. Im hoping they take all this off so no one else gets screwed.


    I was about to order this product I changed my mind and some rude ass customer service Representative calls me to confirm that I was on the website and before was I could tell him my concerns the ass hung up in my face. So I would advise you not to order from these people they specialize in being rude and I was going to try this product even after all the negative feedback but after the phone call I got proved to be right about them being rude as hell.

  • Rma Briget Small

    Bought it, love it…not a scam just a program you should opt out of if you don’t want further charges.

  • Rma Briget Small

    So after reading all the horror on here and I posted positive, actively using the product, I wanted to try something, so I had my boyfriend order, then cancel it after receiving it saying the zinc made him ill…As said on here they expect you to return any unused pills and you have to pay for the return shipping. THIS IS NOT TRUE, I have read their terms and conditions and there is nothing obligating you to return the product within the trial period, it simply states you must return the product within 30 days to receive your refund…well I had the free trial so I don’t need the refund. It is not maditory and if they charge you, then you have a legal case.

  • Dawn Brookins

    You are absolutely right. They are thieves! I ordered the free trial of the Lipo3 & the Rega 3. I was then charged the $99.99 each. Never took them. Was told if I sent the unopened bottles back with the the specified numbers given on the package that I would be refunded the $99.99 each minus a $15 restocking fee. So I sent both unopened bottles back and I was only refunded $84.99 for one bottle. I called to get refunded for the other and was told it would take 5-7- business days. Called a week later and was told that I would not be receiving the remainder of my refund due to a “system error”. I asked to speak with a supervisor and they said that all refunds had been halted. I was told that “even the corporate office could not refund me what I was promised”. A corporate office is just that. Corporate. They make the rules & policies for a business. They owe me another $84.99 and refuse to refund my money for what I already returned (a brand new unopened bottle). They are thieves. It is illegal for them to charge me for something I do not have. You better believe I will be suing them.

  • Dominic Adams

    I just bought the LIPO-G GARCINIA CAMBOGIA and I haven’t taking any yet I wanted to read the reviews first and after reading I called the right away and told them I didn’t want this and what is the address I have to send it too, they offered a discount I said no I just want to cancel and send it back…so they told me that they would cancel and since I called BEFORE THE 14 TRIAL I wouldn’t be charged anything and I didn’t have to return the pills, only if I called AFTER THE 30 DAYS….. don’t know if this helps but good luck still don’t know if I want to chance taking the pills or not