Do not Buy Garcinia Cambogia by Doctor Recommended Before Reading This

Let us start the review of the product by saying this – a product who’s name is so misleading as this one has little chance to score among customers.

About the Company

The product is sold by company by the name “New World Herbal Wellness”. We tried hard to find about the company over internet. There are so many SEO websites talking about it and all pointing to its amazon product page but as of now it does not have any website.

We also tried to find contact details etc. of the company, but were not able to do so. Based on the listing the company has on it seems they are into business of selling weight loss supplements.

Key specification of product

Key specs. of garcinia cambogia by New World Herbal Wellness are:

  • Has 60% HCA. This is higher than 50% recommended by Dr. Oz
  • Has minerals – 50mg Calcium 200mcg Chromium 50mg Potassium. These were recommended by Dr. Oz for better absorption
    of extract
  • Various size bottles are available. The capsules are of 1,000 mg each. Recommended dosage is 3 capsules (3,000 mg) per day before meals.
  • According to company, it has no artificial ingredients, fillers and other additives
  • Company claims that the product is made in USA

Customer reviews

Customer reviews about Doctor Recommended garcinia cambogia have been mixed. There are as many negative reviews and positive ones and that does not seem to be a surprise to us. Here is what customers have to say:

Positive: A few customers seem to be satisfied with the performance of the extract. Some even witnessed dramatic weight loss which seem unrealistic to us!

Negative: Other customers were neutral or negative about the product. Most say that they had no impact at all of the product and it is waste of money.

Our recommendation

We do not recommend the product. Why? First of all the name to us is misleading and genuine companies do not do that. More importantly, we got no information about the company which is selling the product! We do not believe in such venture and their products at all. Thirdly, the reviews of the product are just average. There are so many other garcinia cambogia brands which have better reviews and reputation that this one.

So, we suggest you give this one a skip.