Detail Review of Alpha Garcinia Cambogia

Here we review offerings of Alpha Garcinia Cambogia.

About the Company

We researched web for information about the company manufacturing Alpha Garcinia Cambogia and found nothing substantial. Thus we used the info available in Amazon.

On the Amazon website the company Alpha is listed as a health and personal care provider. The products of Alpha include 40 oz Purple Plastic Bottle, Black Disc and Gift Tags, 80 oz Amber Plastic Bottle, Black Pumps and Gift Tag, Barley Young Leaves Aojuru 100% Powder Stick, 3 g x 50 and many such products. As we can see they are completely unrelated to heath supplement like garcinia.

The Amazon profile gives us the information that the product is sold by Verified American.

There is no information like phone number or website address about the company manufacturing Alpha Garcinia Cambogia even on the pack.

Absence of information about a company manufacturing healthcare products gives an impression that the company may not be a very genuine one. Customers will not be able to directly contact the company in case of any issues with the product (they can only do it through Amazon).

Key Product Specifications of Alpha Garcinia Cambogia

Here are some key specifications of the product. Each serving of Alpha Garcinia Cambogia contains-

  • 1000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia extract in each capsule
  • 50% HCA– the percentage of Garcinia Cambogia is as per Dr. Oz recommendation. But there are so many products which are having 60-70% HCA these days. As compared to them it is low.
  • Amazon website clearly indicates that Potassium and Calcium are present in the product. There is no information about the percentage of Potassium and Calcium found in the pills. Again, there seems to be lack of transparency here.
  • There is no information on the use of soy, fillers, gluten and other such ingredients on the package. This is a critical info for users which are allergic to these.

According to the company one has to take only one pill per serving, with 80 oz of water, as it contains 1000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia. This is unlike most weight loss pills available in the market where you need to use two pills per serving. But that does not seem to a big advantage anyways.

Customer Reviews of Alpha Garcinia Cambogia

At the time of analysis most customers have given good reviews of the product. There were a few negative reviews too.

Positive Aspects:

Many of the customers were highly satisfied with the product (more on the numbers later). Their reviews mention these about the product:

  • Natural weight loss product that is absolutely safe
  • Drop of noticeable weight and body tightening up in spots that was softer before.
  • One feels refreshed, energized and full
  • Reduce in hunger pangs and indulgence on things that are not good for health
  • Speed up slow metabolism
  • Gives excellent results when combined with exercise and diet regime
  • Removes food cravings at night
  • Keeps you away from the temptation of high calorie snacks
  • Some customers believe that the price range of Alpha Garcinia Cambogia is affordable. Variations of Garcinia Cambogia in the market were priced very highly according to the customers. We do not believe so.

Negative aspects:

Few customers gave negative reviews of the product.

One of the most important one is this — some of the customers felt that reviews are fake and were given by star reviewers who have reviewed the same products with the same ratings.

This is an important point as only 11 out of 222 reviews which gave 5 star rating are verified purchase less than 5%! This is for sure a very low % of verified reviews. Which is not good. 

Some other issues raised:

Some customers have not experienced any results even after few weeks of use of the pill. One of them says that it does not get rid of the puffy feel like other brands.

Few of the customers who were overweight say that there was no change in weight. One of the customers says that there are only three effects.

Others only felt slight decrease in appetite, increased firmness of stools but not constipation, less energy at night and even some side effects such as headaches.

Our Recommendation

To be frank we are not totally impressed with the product. First of all lack of website and info available on Amazon (there are no labels and other info shown on product page when re reviewed the product). Secondly, the % of HCA is just barely there. Lastly there seems something fishy about the reviews the product have received (at the time we reviewed them).

Thus we believe, there are better brands available and we would suggest you explore them, you can use this list of our recommended brands here.