Why Every GCE Brand Sells of Amazon?

Statistics do not lie and they tell that Amazon.com is the preferred place for Garcinia Cambogia extract producers to sell their supplements. A simple search – Garcinia Cambogia Extract will throw more than 500 results on Amazon and then number is only going up. Why it is that all GCE supplement makers want to be on Amazon?

There are quite a few reasons for the same:

  • Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world. Thus millions of people visit it on a monthly basis and trust the website. Thus for any GCE producer it is a gold mine.
  • Selling online involves much less expenditures from the side of Garcinia Cambogia producers. They just supply their products to Amazon and Amazon does the rest. This is contrast of tedious logistics involved in selling offline through superstores where physical movement to various parts of the country is required.
  • Why can’t GCE producers sell on their own website then? For various reasons – firstly, it is not easy to set up a credible payment system. Secondly, Amazon is much more trustworthy in terms of payment security and handling dispatches of products. Most users will think twice before buying from a lesser known portal even when they have to pay slightly less as compared to buying from Amazon.
  • Selling through Amazon instantly gives them a credible customer service through Amazon. Amazon handles feedback and issue and thus supplement makers do not need to have their own infrastructure to do so. It is a huge cost saving.
  • Access to reviews, price and specification comparisons also drive sales on Amazon. A supplement provider can lower prices, change specs to outwit its competition. If your product is good, good reviews will have a viral impact on sales of the product. Buyers tend to buy bestsellers and once a product is there, there is no looking back.
  • One can also drive affiliate traffic to Amazon which is otherwise not possible in most other cases. Without you knowing hundreds of website will spring up marketing your product and helping it sell it. No other portal has such a popular affiliate marketing system.
  • Though just being on Amazon does not guarantee that the buyer will get a good product but he / she is assured that if there is some issue with it, it can be replaced. Thus, buyers do not hesitate to buy from Amazon while they will if they have to from other lesser known websites

It is no wonder that all Garcinia Cambogia extract providers we have come across sell over Amazon and some exclusively on Amazon.
So go ahead, choose your Garcinia Cambogia extract from Amazon and start your weight loss journey today.