Which Garcinia Extracts You Should Not Buy

In several of our articles we have covered where one can buy Garcinia Cambogia extract, how to select a good extract etc. But still we keep receiving queries about if certain brand or GCE product good enough. So we decided to tackle the situation in a different manner. Rather than helping you to select a good Garcinia Cambogia extract, this article is about eliminating the bad ones. There are various important parameters you can evaluate to eliminate a Garcinia Cambogia brand. We discuss here the most important ones.

Which Garcinia extracts you should not buy

So here is our list:

  • Do not buy GCE from a brand whose website, address, customer care are not available. This is very common as brands sell directly using Amazon. No need to even have a website. But having a dedicated website along with address and customer care address adds to the credibility to a brand. We will never recommend you to buy a product whose roots you cannot trace.
  • Do not buy Garcinia extract products which have less than 50% HCA. HCA is the key benefiting element in GCE and atleast 50% is required for it to be effective.
  • Do not buy GCE from brands which promise extraordinary benefits in short time. No genuine GCE brand will project its product as a miracle. If a GCE product promises x number of pounds reduced in y time – never buy. Only God can keep such promises, no other can!Which Garcinia Extracts You Should Not Buy
  • Do not buy Garcinia Cambogia brands which do not disclose their ingredients. Some brands do not tell what their extract actually has inside. We recommend you do not buy them.
  • People with allergies – be careful. Make sure you check that the GCE extract you buy does not have substances which can cause allergy to you. Do not buy GCE products which do not specifically mention that they do not have such ingredients. We have seen many good brands providing details that their product does not have gluten, dairy, fish, nuts, etc.
  • Do not buy Garcinia Cambogia brands which do not provide proper disclosure. Several Garcinia brands we reviewed just bragged about their benefits but did not provide necessary disclosures. This is absolutely wrong. A good brand will not only talk about benefits but also about who should not take supplement and general precautions.
  • Brands which claim to be #1 seller. There is nothing wrong about marketing yourself but claiming to be No1 without ant backing facts and good product specifications is equal to misleading a customer. If a brand says it is No1. Check it first. During our research we found that most of the brands claiming to be #1 were not even in top 100 best sellers list! You should not buy from brands which project such lies.

So these were some of the tips about Garcinia Cambogia brands you should not be buying or atleast be careful about them (research more, read reviews etc.).