Where to Buy Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Many of our readers have asked how they can buy Garcinia Cambogia extract. What are different ways to do so? While this information is already embedded in our articles but we thought to put it at one place here.

Four Ways to buy Garcinia Cambogia extract

There are four ways you can buy your GCE. Here they are:

  • Online from big super portals such as Amazon or Niche supplement and related websites such as iherb etc.
  • Online through supplement producer’s website such as Now Foods
  • Offline super stores
  • Offline small retail stores / herbal stores / pharmacies etc.

Okay, that’s fine but what are pros and cons of each?

Buying Online

Large diversified portals : We like this option the most as they provide maximum variety to choose from. Out of these Amazon.com is our favorite for obvious reasons – it is the largest online store in the world, has maximum number of Garcinia Cambogia brands under one roof, fast delivery and is very secure too. Another advantage is availability of reviews which can help a first time buyer navigate the maze of hundreds of products. Other such portals are – ebay.com, sears.com, etc.

Large Niche portals : They mostly sell supplements, nutrition related products online. While they may not have as many varieties as large portals but they are still good enough. Some names in the category are – iherb, vitaminshoppe, drugs.com, etc. One key issue you may face here is that the services may not be as good as that of Amazon.where to buy garcinia cambogia extract

Supplement producer website : While most Garcinia Cambogia extract producers sell online but they do not do this from their own website. They use third party portals to do so. But certain producers which have large product portfolio or are popular also have their own portals to sell products. You only use this option when you have zeroed in over a brand and ready to buy the product. These portals cannot be sued for price comparison and reviews.

We do not advice buying directly in case unless the producer is big enough such as Now Foods etc. Unfortunately most Garcinia Cambogia brands are from very small companies. Buying from an unknown portal poses several issues – the customer care is generally bad, deliveries can be delayed and more importantly you cannot be sure of a secure payment connection and how your information will be used by the website owner.

We have seen that every brand is available on large portals and there is no significant price difference too (sometimes Amazon can be even cheaper!). So as a customer it is always better buy from reputed / large portals rather than these smaller ones.

Buying offline

Garcinia Cambogia extract is also available online but the brands available and stores on which it is available are limited. You can find GCE on almost all big super stores such as Walmart, Sears (and related ones), etc. 

It is also available on several retail stores and pharmacies too. If you go for large brands such as Now Foods, etc. you can actually locate a store near your area using their website based store locater and purchase the supplement there.

While there is no advantage of buying offline unless you want to physically see the product before you buy it or online deliveries are not possible in your area (that should be a rare case!).


While there are four different ways you can buy your Garcinia Cambogia extract our recommendation is you buy it online that too from reputed online portals such as Amazon, ebay, sears.com etc. Niche supplement seller websites should be your next choice. We do not recommend buying from producer directly because of reasons mentioned above.

Hope this would be of some help in clarifying your doubts! Happy GCE shopping!