Two Things Your Garcinia Cambogia Extract Must have

You have been seeing the buzz around Garcinia Cambogia extract for some time. Your friends have used it and have benefited too. So at last you also decide to take a try of this weight loss herbal supplement which Dr. Oz termed as ‘Holy Grail’ of weight loss.

You log on to but taken aback about the number of Garcinia Cambogia brands available in the market! There are hundreds of them! Which one to choose then? What ingredients to look for? Don’t worry, to help you out here are the two most important ingredient a good Garcinia Cambogia should always have.

Why ingredients? Well what else is important in an extract? Ingredients are single most important part of a good Garcinia Cambogia extract. Let’s discuss those two things:

  • HCA, HCA and HCA: Well HCA means Hydroxycitric acid and it is most important part of Garcinia Cambogia extract. If there is no HCA, there is no benefit of Garcinia Cambogia extract.  This is the chemical responsible for surprised appetite when you take Garcinia Cambogia extract. There is a lower limit of amount (expressed as %) which an extract should have. According to Dr. Oz it is 50%. Thus if your Garcinia Cambogia extract has equal or more than 50% HCA in it is considered to be good. The thing which causes confusion is that every brand has different amounts of HCA in it and you can never know which HCA is genuine. Yes, genuine. There are so many Garcinia Cambogia brands which are fake in the market or just sub-standard, it all Two Things Your Garcinia Cambogia Extract Must haveboils down to low quality HCA in them
  • Potassium and Calcium: Dr. Oz suggested that a good Garcinia Cambogia extract should also have calcium and potassium in it. The key role of these minerals is to help in absorption of the extract into our body. You can very well understand how important is the role of absorption in body, as without absorbing you can never get the desired benefits of the extract. We have seen some extract which do not have these minerals, you should avoid them.

So, if an extract has the above two qualities should you buy them? Not exactly, as there are so many other things – fillers, binders, quality of product etc. but yes these two are very important to make a decision.

So next time you are confused, just look at these two parameters are they should help you in eliminating lots of clutter of low quality brands from your list.

Happy Garcinia Cambogia buying!