Marketing Gimmicks of Garcinia Cambogia Brands

Garcinia Cambogia extract has taken weight loss supplement market by storm. If you visit Amazon best seller page you would several Garcinia Cambogia extracts among top 25. Based on our research a good quality Garcinia Cambogia extract works – condition is it should be “good”. 

What has actually happened that so many brands have launched the GCE and everyone is trying to outsmart and outsell others this is leading to brands adopting marketing gimmick to attract customers.

Marketing Gimmicks of Garcinia Cambogia Brands

We have studied and reviewed many Garcinia Cambogia brands and based on this knowledge want to share these false tactics. This would help you separate genuine claims from the fake ones and help buy a good Garcinia Cambogia extract.

  • Our Garcinia extract is purest: Well this is one of the most commonly used term and most misused too. What exactly is ‘pure Garcinia Cambogia extract’ ? There is no agency which has said that which brand is pure and which is not. Let us explain by an example, when we buy organic food to be sure that it is actually organic we look for United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) certification for the same. As without it anyone can falsely claim its food is organic. There is no agency to certify if a GCE is pure and thus this claim is just for marketing.
  • Clinically certified extract: Another marketing trap. Most GCE brands are just marketing companies which buy the extract from white label product manufacturers and put their label. So, how will they know if the extract is clinically certified? Further, what exactly is meant by clinically certified extract? Does it mean its quality is good, does it mean it works? Thirdly and lastly, when a brand boast about clinical certification why not write the name of the lab which has done the research? We bet no one will !how garcinia cambogia brands fool you
  • We provide more capsules as compared to other brands: Many customers fall in the trap of number of capsules per $ spent. This is why:

    • Capsules are of different specs – some are 500 mg, some 600 mg and some 1,000 mg. 180 capsules of 500 mg are same as 90 of 1000 mg!
    • Percentage of HCA matters too. HCA is the key to ensure effectiveness of a Garcinia Cambogia extract. Some extracts have 40% HCA, some 50% and others 60%. A 40% HCA extract cannot be compared with a 60% HCA just by number of capsules.
  • Money back guarantee : You will find so many GCE brands screaming about money back guarantee. Well, be careful and read the fine print before you fall for it. In most cases open bottles cannot be refunded, also see for refund charges, who will pay for postal, by when will the refund done? etc. This is of great importance if you are buying from seller side directly and not from portals such as Amazon (therefore we always recommend to buy from Amazon).
  • Great customer care service: While reviewing GCE brands we found many of them boasting about their customer care service. When we visited their contacts page, there was no email and phone number on it! How will a customer contact them?? This is true! Next time you buy extract from an independent site make sure it has a working phone number.
  • Made is USA: It is great to have a US made product, but can it be proved? Just because label says it is US made? In many cases company does not even claims it is made in USA, then what? Be careful here. Many brands will indeed be sourcing cheap extract from places like China and selling here. Thus, best to buy products from brands you already know and trust

These were some of the marketing gimmicks used by Garcinia Cambogia extract brands. One of the reasons is that the GCE product need not be FDA approved for this category of supplement and thus rampant false marketing takes place.

So next time you buy GCE, make sure you look for these points. If you find a brand making too much of a marketing pitch, you now know what to do!

Happy GCE shopping!