How to Avoid Garcinia Cambogia Extract Scams

After there was mention of Garcinia Cambogia Extract on Dr. Oz show as a supplement which helps in weight loss the market is brimming with Garcinia Cambogia Extract brands. In reality, only a few of them actually are genuine and rest just fake or scams.

With use of internet and online shopping it has become very easy to sell any product to anyone across the world. This also means that scammers also get access to market with ease. As there is no FDA regulation of Garcinia Cambogia supplements thus they need not be approved by any authority before hitting the market.

So what can you do to avoid such scams and get a genuine supplement? Here are some tips:

  • Go for known brand. There are several brands which have been providing supplements for years and also of several kinds. Molecular Research Labs, Bioprosper Labs, etc. are providing multiple kinds of extracts and thus have a wider user base. This also means that these companies have not started after Dr. oz mentioned about of Garcinia Cambogia on TV show (believe us there are so many which have started after that)
  • Ask your friends: Another great way to ask people you already know. There may be some who might have tried some brands or are doing it. This way you can benefit by someone else’sGarcinia Cambogia Extract scams experience.
  • Do your own research: It is important to do your own research before buying herbal supplements, why? Because a spurious supplement can actually harm your body rather than doing any good. You should clearly understand why a supplement is beneficial. To give an example, turmeric supplements are beneficial as they have curcumin (active ingredient). Similarly Garcinia Cambogia extracts are beneficial as they have hydroxycitric acid popularly known as HCA.
  • Do not trust online reviews blindly. Take them with a pinch of salt. If the number of reviews are in hundreds they are more likely to provde better picture rather than if they are say just 10-15. Lower the number of reviews more chances of manupation.
  • Things a good Garcinia Cambogia extract should not have: A good extract will be free from binders, fillers and any artificial ingredients. If any extract producer does not state this explicitly, then be sure that it does have them.
  • Percentage of HCA: percentage of HCA decides how effective the supplement is in providing its benefits. A good Garcinia Cambogia extract should not have less than 505 HCA in it. Generally, extracts with lower HCA are less expensive but you should not go by price here as they will also be less effective in achieving their goal of weight loss.
  • If it is very cheap, it is sure to be bad: Using this you can eliminate lots of brands at one go. Go to and sort using prices and then for top 5 most costly look for one which has most and best reviews.

The above tips are more of guidelines rather than a complete process but can really help in shortlisting your choices from a lot to a few. Thus, you can potentially avoid scams.

Remember, for best benefits you need to buy pure Garcinia Cambogia extract and not just any extract.