Do not be Tricked by Fake Garcinia Cambogia Brands

Since the time Dr. Oz talked about Garcinia Cambogia as Holy Grail of weight loss on his show hundreds of Garcinia Cambogia brands have sprung up. Even today there is no stopping new launches of Garcinia Cambogia brands.

As such more choices should be a good news for customers but this is not true in herbal supplement industry as such as it is not regulated. It is not like a standard product which has to follow FDA norms or has to pass medical tests before it can be sold.

Taking advantage of this many fake or substandard Garcinia Cambogia brands are launched and still being launched. These fakes not only waste money of a customer but even can cause harm to health. Can you as a customer do something to avoid them? Yes you can. Here are 4 things you should always check before you buy a Garcinia Cambogia brand:

  • Check for ingredients – does it have HCA in proper amount? Are precautions and dosage clearly mentioned on the pack? Most sub-standard brands do not care to take care of these things.
  • Ensure that the brand has a website along with a phone number and address mentioned. If possible call the number or email to the company to find out more. This can really give confidence about the product you are buying. You will be amazed to find that most brands selling on Amazon do not have a website! Leave aside contact details! You should never buy such brand however cheap they may be. A company which returns emails and clarifies your doubts over phone is most likely to be a genuine one.
  • Go for brands which have been reviewed by lots of customers as compared to the ones which have been not. For example, we recommend you buy a 4 star rating product which has been reviewed by 300 people rather than a 5 start which has been reviewed by just 20. As lower the number, more are the chances of manipulative reviews. It has become a very common practice to get good fake reviews for Garcinia Cambogia brands so as people buy them. Do not be tricked by it.
  • Last but not the least, do not get tricked by heavy discounts, offers and low prices. Buy a good product and keep pricing a secondary parameter. Most of the customers which write to us do this mistake. They go for a cheap product thinking that all products are same. Which is not true. They are not same.

So next time you plan to buy Garcinia Cambogia extract do take care of above points. Garcinia Cambogia has benefited so many people but this is possible only when you take the right extract and not a fake one. So be aware of the issues and take appropriate precautions to avoid scams.

Happy Garcinia Cambogia hunting!