Difference Between Pure and Regular Garcinia Cambogia

There is a lot of fuss around “pure” Garcinia Cambogia. Everyone is looking for one and every other brand is selling their product as “pure” product. While everyone is talking about it very few actually know what exactly is the difference between a pure and a regular garcinia cambogia? In fact is there any difference at all or it is just a marketing fad?

Pure Garcinia Cambogia vs Regular Garcinia Cambogia

To get answer of this question we analyzed several garcinia cambogia brands which claim to be selling “pure” GCE and others selling as regular ones. In total we collected data of 12 brands which are decently selling and have above average customer reviews. Here is what we found:

  • There is no difference as far as percentage of HCA, the key active ingredient of any garcinia cambogia extract. Most of them had more than 50% HCA which is also true with many other brands which do not say they are “pure”.
  • Most (but not all) of these brands claim that they do not add any artificial ingredients to their extract. Which to us is what actually makes any garcinia cambogia pure. But again, this quality is shared by most other garcinia cambogia brands too irrespective of the fact they claim themselves to be pure or not.
  • Another aspect can be fillers which are generally used to add to the weight of an extract apart from the key active ingredient. Several brands proclaim that they are pure as they do not have fillers. When we analyzed in detail almost every brand we saw said they do not have fillers in it.
  • Additives is another aspect to be considered when deciding your garcinia cambogia is pure or not. But will a GCE with additives such as calcium, potassium, etc. be bad? Not at all. Infact additives sometimes add lots of value to extract itself. As pure and regular garcinia cambogiain case of GCE calcium and potassium help in proper absorption of the extract making it more effective.

What we concluded

Based on our research we concluded that there are no standard specifications for any garcinia cambogia to be called “pure” by its producer. This means, any producer can claim its extract is pure and you cannot complain about it. This has led to almost every second brand to call itself as pure garcinia cambogia brand.

But there are certain basic things which make a garcinia cambogia extract pure which you as a customer should always look for. They are:

  • Should have more than 50% HCA, more the better
  • Should clearly specify that it does not have any artificial ingredients in it
  • Should specify that it does not have any fillers in it
  • Should specify the list of additives present in it. Some additives can actually be helpful.

So, our recommendation is – do not go by what the producer claims to be their product is. Go ahead and apply your own criteria to find out if a brand deserves to be called as pure garcinia cambogia brand or not. A brand claiming to be pure may actually be not while a brand just claiming to be a regular one have all necessary specs for the same!

Hope this will help remove some confusion regarding pure and regular garcinia cambogia brands.

Happy garcinia cambogia shopping!