Buying Garcinia Cambogia Extract from GNC

General Nutrition Centers (GNC) is one of the leading offline / online chain providing nutritional supplements. The company sells products under its own brand along with select other brands. It is one of the few companies in this space which is listed on a stock exchange!

Buying Garcinia Cambogia extract from GNC

With so many other online portals and store available should you buy your Garcinia Cambogia from GNC? Let us discuss positives and negatives of the same.

Why buy Garcinia Cambogia from GNC:

  • If you love and trust GNC as a company then of course buying it from them makes lots of sense. As like other online portals, they extend discounts on products and shipping.
  • One of the biggest advantage of buying from GNC is that you can buy your Garcinia Cambogia either from online portal of at offline store. This is something which companies such as Amazon, ebay cannot offer you. If you are the one who like to see a product physically before buying, GNC is a great choice. Here is a link for locating your nearest store –Garcinia Cambogia extract from GNC
  • GNC portals is a well-known one and thus online payments etc. are secure. Thus you need not worry too much about online frauds.
  • We analyzed customer feedback related to deliver and found that most people receive their products in time and in mint condition. Thus, their services seem at par with other sellers.

Why you should not buy Garcinia Cambogia from GCE:

The biggest and also very critical reason is lack of availability of brands and products. For example, when we searched with phrase ‘garcinia cambogia’ on GNC we received just handful of results as compared to more than 1000 on Amazon and close to 950 on! The difference is just mind boggling.  Thus, unless you already know which product to buy and it is available on GNC you may be missing out on lots of other great GCE brands. This in our opinion is a big limitation.

Another thing we noticed is lack of reviews on products. Reviews can play very important part in deciding on a good GCE product especially if you are buying it first time. Most product available on GNC has 2-3 reviews. When we analyzed for the same parameter almost all products had many more reviews than that on GNC.

Our recommendation

GNC is a great company with a unique benefit of both online and offline shopping but if you are not sure what Garcinia Cambogia extract to buy you will have very few option available. Thus we would recommend GNC only in case when you know your extract is available with GCE. Otherwise it is best to search a right product over Amazon and ebay and buy from there.