Best Garcinia Cambogia Brands Today

We regularly come out with our rankings of most popular, most trusted and most recommended brands of garcinia cambogia in the market.

Initially we decided we will make a new post for every month but now it feel that would be waste of effort. So we have decided to have just one post which we will keep updating on a monthly basis to provide our assessment of best garcinia cambogia brands in the market.

How we do the ranking

We use an elaborate and carefully chosen method to come up with these rankings. These brands in these ranking may or may not be the most popular brands in the market (or they can be too).

Several factors such as customer reviews (from online selling portals and blogs, forums, etc), reputation of the company, how long they have been in the market, etc. are considered while coming up with the rankings.

While we try our best to be careful there can be minor issues and some subjectivity in them which unfortunately we cannot always eliminate. Nevertheless, we try our best.

Best Garcinia Cambogia brands

We divide our list in 3 categories:

  • First one is about the brands which have been popular during the month – that means they had high sales figures.
  • Second one is the brand which people actually trust a lot. These are the brands which have received great customer reviews all over.
  • The third and the final one is the generated by combing the above two – these are brands we actually recommend the most from our side. Most popular recommended brands of garcinia camobogia today

Most Popular Garcinia Cambogia brands

Most trusted Garcinia cambogia brands

(min. reviews required is 250 for a brand to qualify in this list)

Our Most Recommended Top 3 Brands

Based on the analysis of the most trusted and most popular here is the list of our final recommendation. These brands are popular, trustworthy and have been been there long enough in the market. Our top recommendations are:


So go ahead and chose the one which you like, they all are great ones!

  • jeannette

    The Garcinia Cambogia bottles you have pictured on your website is the very brand that made me very ill. Within a hour of taking the product I felt drugged, dopey and jittery – not in control of myself. I purchased the bottles from a Sydney based company (I think). The URL address is:
    I returned the product and am having a lot of difficulty trying to get a refund. The email contact is a person by the name of Bernie. I rang the phone on the website but no answer? Be very cautious people would hate someone to get seriously ill.