What is Verified Garcinia Cambogia?

We are getting lots of queries from readers asking about what is verified garcinia cambogia extract. Is it really something or just another marketing jargon used by garcinia cambogia producers to attract buyers to their products.

As good independent researchers we went ahead and searched for brands which claim to be selling “verified garcinia cambogia” extracts. While researching we found that this can mean one of the two things:

  • We found one garcinia cambogia extract brand using the word “verified” in its name. Well we researched a bit more to find out why they had put that name but there is nothing to prove that their brand was actually anything which is more “verified” than others.
  • Secondly, it has been used by many brands as a lose term to give confidence to buyers. But as such garcinia cambogia is not FDA approved and there is no other “verification” which means anything or available for this product. So in this case also the term is just a marketing too.

In the end after researching for various brands we concluded that there is nothing like “verified garcinia cambogia” in the market. None of the brands have an FDA approved product and seldom the products are tested or verified for quality by an independent agency. So this word is just been used as a marketing weapon and nothing else.

So your garcinia cambogia extract saying its verified may be only as good as or even worse than the one which say nothing! So be aware.