How to Identify Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions to us – how to identify pure Garcinia Cambogia extract?

Why go for pure? Good question. Unlike prescription medication which need approval before they can be sold, no such stringent laws exists for herbal supplements such as Garcinia Cambogia. The only thing one can look for here is if the extract is pure (without adulteration). Pure extract will provide better benefits while an adulterated one can even harm your body.

So how do you identify pure Garcinia Cambogia extract? Here are a few very simple ways to do so. While no method can be foolproof, but if you follow these most likely you will end up with a good product.

  • Check specifications: A good GCE will have atleast 50% HCA. It will also have calcium, phosphorus and chromium for better absorption.
  • Buy product from a reputed brand: Quality starts from the brand value itself. If you know a reputed brand better go for it than with an unknown one.
  • Use reviews but do not rely on the completely: Customers reviews can be of great help but they can also be manipulated so use them cautiously. As a general rule if there are hundreds of customer reviews the likelihood of all of them being fake decreases. Thus more reviews the better.
  • A good product will have good disclosures too: If the product promotion page also mentions precautions, dosages, who should take the extract information that is a plus point.
  • Lastly, do not consider pricing a very important aspect here as a bad supplement at a great price is of little value ! right?

So, if you follow the above five points while buying your extract we are very sure you will end up buying a good one. You can also check our reviews of Garcinia Cambogia extracts which follow above guidelines. It will ease your work a bit.