Is Garcinia Cambogia with High Amazon Reviews Better?

Most of us use online reviews to identify whether a product is good or not. If the reviews are good we tend to buy that product. This is nothing new before online reviews were there people used to take reviews from neighbors, friends and family before buying products. 

But there is a significant difference between the two. When we ask our friend we ask because we trust the opinion of the friend and we know him very well. We know that he will provide transparent and unbiased info. This is not the case with online reviews.

Thus even when your Garcinia Cambogia extract has large number of positive reviews over Amazon, it may not be the best product. This is because it is very easy to get positive reviews written over Amazon by paying money. These are fake paid reviews praising the product and they literally misguide a buyer unless you can identify them.

So how do you then separate genuine ones from not so better products? It is tough but there are a few things you can do:

  • Look for how many reviews are from verified buyers: verified buyers are the buyers whoAmazon reviews actually bought the product. Very few firms will make their paid reviewers buy a product just for the sake of a review. Thus, most verified buyers reviews are genuine. So, if most reviews of the products are not from verified buyers, you should be alarmed. Further investigation is required in such cases.
  • Look for what those reviewers have reviewed in past: A fake reviewer would have reviewed similar products and also would have given very good ratings to all the products he had rated (no one pays for bad reviews unless that is for your competitor).
  • Tone and language of review: Paid reviews are of mostly 3-4 lines in length max. As they charge on a per line basis to the company. Also the tone of such reviews looks artificial (overwhelmingly positive etc.)

If you follow these tips you will be able to identify which brands are just fooling and which ones are relying on genuine reviews. We have reviewed most popular brands and provided our recommendation using various criteria, you can quickly use those recommendations to buy Garcinia Cambogia extracts.