Does My Garcinia Cambogia Extract Have Caffeine in it?

This is a very common question and there is a genuine reason behind it too. If you have heard of green coffee extract, it is also a popular weight loss supplement available in the market, contains caffeine. Green coffee extract is made using unroasted coffee beans which are green in color. The final product has 1-3% caffeine in it. There are a few other herbal weight loss supplements which also contain caffeine.


Thus it is obvious to as if Garcinia Cambogia extract has caffeine in it or not. The answer depends from brand to brand. If your product says it is pure Garcinia Cambogia extracts with no added ingredients then most likely it does not contain caffeine. This is because unlike green coffee beans, Garcinia Cambogia, the fruit from which this extract is made does not have any caffeine in it. Thus it cannot pass on any caffeine to the extract.

But this does not stop a producer to add caffeine into the extract on its own. In such cases the good branded product will always write about under ingredients. For example, when calcium and potassium is added to Garcinia Cambogia extract it is specified on the label along with its quantity.
Are there are issues if your extract has caffeine? Not always. An extract with caffeine can prove to be harmful only in case if it overshoots your caffeine consumption above safe limit or you have some existing issues (acidity etc.) with caffeine intake. Excess of caffeine can cause nausea, insomnia, stomach trouble etc.

Fortunately, based on Garcinia Cambogia extracts we have reviewed till now we have no one using caffeine in it. Thus you can take them without worrying too much about caffeine.